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Review – Thorns and Forgiveness by Coralee June

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Thorns and Forgiveness; Twisted Legacy #2 
(#2 in a Duet)

Publication Date: January 30, 2021

Genre: Dark/Anti-hero/Forbidden Romance

Author: Coralee June

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



A gorgeous, dramatic read with a dirty talking anti-hero that I absolutely adore!

Thorns and Forgiveness picks right up where we left Hamilton and Vera in book one. Filled with regret, remorse and feelings that he’s never felt for anyone Hamilton makes the decision to stay away from Vera because the Beauregard’s are poison and being he’s a Beauregard himself, he will only infect her himself over and over and no amount of forgiveness will ever remove that amount of poison in her life. However, it seems that the Beauregard’s aren’t exactly done with Vera nor her mother.

Vera has always given everything to those in her life, plucking and taking until she’s empty. When she finally meets her breaking point she finally decides to take back the power in her life, but is it too late to help guide those who helped her in her time of need. She may no longer have any petals to pluck, but she’s now a stem full of thorns and anyone who tempts to cross her better be ready to bleed.

Full of my favorite sarcastic man and watching Vera find her inner strength, this book is absolutely amazing!!

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Determined to save my mother from her disastrous marriage, I sold my pride for a second chance with Hamilton Beauregard. Jack was convinced I could mend his family, but my heart refused to forgive.

Hamilton broke me. He betrayed me.
He made me fall in love with a lie.

While trying to figure out my feelings, we all had to navigate my mother’s toxic sham of a marriage and Joseph’s deteriorating façade. My stepfather was dangerous. Deadly. During a tragic moment of weakness, his evil bloomed to life, and someone died.

Hamilton is the only way I’ll survive.

This is book two in the Twisted Legacy Duet

Book One:
Book Two:

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