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Review – Four Weddings and a Swamp Boat Tour by Erin Nicholas

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Four Weddings and a Swamp Boat Tour; Boys of the Bayou #6 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: February 23, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Romantic Comedy

Author: Erin Nicholas

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



We are back in the Bayou and Paige and Mitch are on fire!!

We are back in Louisiana with the Landry family, in the deep south where Paige and Mitch’s chemistry jumps off the pages and big, loud families are a way of life.

Through Paige Asher, a girl from Appleby, IA, we get to fall in love with the boys of the bayou, really the entire Landry all over again. Even though Paige came down to spend time with Mitch, what she ends up doing is helping each Landry couple prepare for their upcoming wedding. She only expects to spend a short time visiting, but with each passing day falls a little more in love with everyone, including the man she originally came to visit, but she can’t stay…can she?

As much as Mitch would like to be upset that Paige is spending more time with his family than she is with him, yes-the girl who is a huge commitmentphobe-he really isn’t. He loves that she is drawn to his family and wants to help, but what does that hold for him when it comes time for her to leave? Huge potential for one broken heart, but he’s discovering he’s unable to stop it because Paige has already carved out a place in the Bayou family and in his heart.

This book is a beautiful bridge between Erin’s past series and her upcoming ones, while still keeping this as a complete standalone for any new readers. It’s very well crafted and a beautifully done story where you get a glimpse of so much without it being overwhelming.



She’s been proposed to five times.
She even said yes to one of them.
And then broke his heart when she called it off. Not to mention her mother’s heart. And her grandmother’s. And his mother’s. And…you get the picture.

Paige Asher has now officially sworn off all dating. Diamonds give her hives.

All she wants is to be a yoga-doing, cat-collecting, vegetarian in peace. Away from her marriage-crazy family and all their expectations.

So when her weekend fling turns into a real friend and offers her a place to escape, she finds herself on his doorstep in Louisiana. And right in the middle of not just one family wedding, but three. Of course.

Charming, sexy bayou boy Mitch Landry gets stuff done. Whatever anyone needs. From alligator-sitting to getting a buddy drunk to showing a woman a good time to fixing a swamp boat, he’s the man. No problem. No drama.

But he wants a hell of a lot more from Paige than a temporary friends-with-benefits arrangement. He wants to take care of her. And her five cats. He also really wants other men to stop asking her to marry them.

But if a roommate and a few orgasms are all she wants, that’s what he’ll deliver.

He can just be her friend and not commit the greatest sin of all…asking her for forever.


*Paige and Mitch’s story starts in the prequel, Oh, Fudge, part of the Hot Cakes series!

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Four Weddings and a Swamp Boat Tour

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