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Review – Tempted By Deception by Rina Kent

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Tempted By Deception; Deception Trilogy #2 
(#2 within a series)

Publication Date: April 8, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Antihero/Dark/Mafia Romance

Author: Rina Kent

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Whew! Up the heat factor cause Tempted By Deception is blazing at 10,000 degrees!!

I don’t know how Rina continually ups the hotness factor in her writing, but kudos to her keyboard never starting on fire or perhaps having several on hand as they ignite while writing cause Adrian and Lia set the pages on fire in this second part of the trilogy. We finally get a closer look at their relationship from the very beginning and the web of deception that begins to weave.

On top of all the carnal hotness, I’m also in awe of how Rina’s mind works and fits the overall plot puzzle together. This story is intricate and mind blowing and It’s fantastic to see how the pieces all fit together as the story plays out. Each character has his or her purpose and I love how the picture unfolds as the story progresses. Rina has truly done her best work and I’m excited to see how the story ends.


My husband. My villain.

We started with death and blood.
We started with games and carnal pleasure.
Adrian and I shouldn’t have been together.
He’s wrong.
I’m wrong.
What we have is the epitome disaster.
Yet, it’s impossible to stop.
My husband will either destroy me or I’ll destroy him.

This book is part of a trilogy and is not standalone.

Dark Marriage Mafia Romance.


This book is part of a trilogy and is not standalone.

Deception Trilogy:
#0 Dark Deception
#1 Vow of Deception
#2 Tempted by Deception
#3 Consumed by Deception

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