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Review – The Love Interest by Kayley Loring

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The Love Interest 
(A standalone)

Publication Date: April 16, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Forbidden/Age-Gap/Romantic Comedy

Author: Kayley Loring

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Adorable, witty, with a bit of forbidden mixed in. The Love Interest was everything I love about Kayley Loring with her fantastic humor with a tongue in cheek nod to what’s hot in pop culture right now. Absolutely Brilliant!!

Emmett Ford and Fiona Walker (great names) are both writers, although writers at very different stages in their career. Emmett is a successful NYT bestseller author with his action/thriller books also adapted to the screen. So while he’s worth millions Fiona has just moved to NY and working on her very first book and looking to break out in the romance world writing Regency romance. Oh, and is it redundant to point out that Fiona is in fact not worth millions. Okay, I didn’t think so. Carry on.

Both Emmett and Fiona are at an impasse and stuck in their inspiration – basically they have writer’s block. Meeting late one night in a diner, completely out of chance, they are intrigued and inspired by one another after that night and they are able to write. While they both wanted to continuing inspiring one another, fate had other ideas and a relationship just wasn’t allowed, but hate writing is a thing – right?

Does Kayley ever write a book that isn’t both fun and steamy?  I’ve never been disappointed when I’ve read one of her books and this book was no exception.

We get inside Emmett’s and Fiona’s minds while their writing which is funny. Their character mindsets while writing their own characters is like a look into an author writing their own books. Jack and William are the main characters of the books they are working on and both are quite funny in speaking back to both Fiona and Emmett.

There are also multiple times when Fiona had to stand up for her own writing in the romance genre. I know this is a very common fight in the writing world and yet romance books sell billions – sigh.  Fiona never backs down and I love that she’s fearless in who she is and stands strong for what she believes in.

While Emmett writes very successful books, he, last minute, takes a position at university where his father works as a professor in a creative writing class. This is the forbidden aspect of the book since Fiona is taking classes and Emmett becomes her teacher. Their classroom steam is extra steamy, but no classroom rules are broken because Emmett is always a grumpy professional.

Kayley Loring always delivers a good reading time and The Love Interest is fun, steamy and will bring the warm fuzzies along with laughs.


Dear Fiona,

I hope this letter finds you well—and by well, I mean significantly less infuriated than you were yesterday. I’ve wanted to continue our conversation from the night we met, but there are so many things I can’t say or do, now that I’m your professor.

As an anonymous letter writer, I can give you some idea of what I have planned for us, once the year is over. As an author, I can share my work in progress with you. Not for you to critique but to show you how much you mean to me.

When you’re done reading this page, destroy it—and then write me back. Don’t sign the letter. Don’t put a return address on the envelope. Mail it from a random mailbox.

Yours in problem solving,

P.S. I still think you’re wasting your talent on that historical romance novel.
P.P.S. I really wanted to push you up against the door and kiss your beautiful, angry face. I will. One day.


Dear Emmett,

Your handwriting is almost as terrible as your mood swings, and it would have been my instinct to destroy that letter even if you hadn’t ordered me to.

If you show me your work in progress, I will critique it.

I am currently still too infuriated to write about all the other feelings I have for you.

Expect another letter soon.

Your problem and your solution,

P.S. I still think an overpaid, overrated, overly handsome bestselling author of thrillers has no business teaching creative writing at a prestigious New York university.
P.P.S. To my great horror, I really wanted you to push me up against that door and kiss my angry face too. I understand now that your appalling way of treating me in class has been overcompensation, but I don’t forgive you for it. I’ll kiss you again anyway. One day.

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