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Review – All the Ugly Things by Stacey Lynn

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All the Ugly Things; Love and Lies #1 
(#1 within a series)

Publication Date: April 20, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Duet/Intrigue/Contemporary Romance

Author: Stacey Lynn

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Thought provoking and deeply emotional, All the Ugly Things brings to life the story of how choices and decisions alter your life and the trajectory of who might come along your path based upon those decisions.

Lilly finds herself sentenced to ten years in prison for vehicular manslaughter at the age of eighteen. At an age when others are heading off to college, getting married, starting a career, moving into their first home, starting a family, the start of adulthood. Whereas, Lilly is navigating through the penal system and surviving her young adult years with every freedom, choice, and option taken away from her. Everything she used to take for granted has been stripped away and when Lilly is finally released she faces a reality that she has no idea how to be an adult on her own. This part of story hit me hard every time Lilly was lost in navigating the adult world. The years she lost was, of course, devastating, but the exact time frame was even more so.

When Lilly meets the Valentine family there is a lot of mystery surrounding them. Mr. Valentine offers to help Lilly, and given her recent circumstances she’s leary of taking any handouts. However, it isn’t only Mr. Valentine, but also his son, Hudson, that gets under her skin. Lilly hasn’t had anyone on her side in years so taking help doesn’t come easy. Why would mere strangers want to help? Why would a man like Hudson have any interest in her? What will happen if she takes their help?

We are only in the first part of the duet and there are still a lot of questions to answer. I’ve been pulled into this story and I’m curious as to the real reasons why the Valentine’s want to help. I also want to see Lilly continue to blossom the longer she’s out of jail. The entire storyline has been intriguing and I’ve loved this book and can’t wait for the rest.


One moment. A single decision… an accident.
Cost me six years of my life.
All of my hopes and dreams vanished.

Until I was given back my freedom and the opportunity to start over… doing whatever I could to survive in a world much different than the one I knew before.

I was working on my degree and waiting tables when my fate changed.
An older man with silver hair and a fancy suit walked in, looking like he wanted to save me.
He came for pie. But he offered me a job.

When I turned him down, he sent his son, Hudson.
The arrogant, sex on a stick wore me down.
I took the job.
I accepted his friendship.
And slowly, over time, I began to feel things for this man I knew I shouldn’t.

They gave me a home.
A family.
And then it was all ripped away.

Now nothing can erase all the ugly things.

All The Ugly Things by Stacey Lynn All The Ugly Things (Love & Lies Duet #1)
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