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Review – Bad Crush by Rebecca Jenshak

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Bad Crush; Campus Nights #2 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: April 27, 2021

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Sports/Neighbors/Friends-to-Lovers/Fake Fiancé Romance

Author: Rebecca Jenshak

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



A sweetly smoldering romance that brings all the feels and intense passion. I can’t get enough of Rebecca Jenshak’s books and Bad Crush is a perfect example why.

Bad Crush is a swiftly moving story about two neighbors who have lived next door to one another for the past two years and are actual friends, but Reagan has always had trouble talking to Adam given that she has had a crush on Adam since the first day she arrived on campus. However, Adam is a serial dater, constantly moving from one girlfriend to the next without looking back when those relationships end. While this has been one of the problems in heightening Reagan’s crush because there has never been the right moment for Reagan to tell Adam how she feels, nor did it allow Adam any indication that Reagan had any feelings for him.

Two years later Adam is at a point where he’s without a girlfriend and contemplating his life choices. Thinking he should take time off of his serial dating routine he asks Reagan to be his fake girlfriend for the night, not knowing she has a colossal crush on him, but given she’s a fantastic actress things progressively snowball from there, did anyone say fake fiancé?

When Reagan finally gets her moment, with her big crush, or is she too shy to finally take a leap?

Their group of friends are all different, but the absolute best and their games with the whole group are always a blast. I’m excited to see how the gang will continue to grow with each new book and how the dynamic could change.

Fall in love with Bad Crush and get trapped in Adam and Rea’s love bubble. I didn’t want to leave, but that’s par for the course, I never want to leave Rebecca’s world.


There are a lot of really great ways to tell your best friend’s brother you have a crush on him, I’m sure.
I should tell him. I’m planning on telling him. But every time Adam’s around, I turn into a nervous wreck.
On the stage, I’m bold and brave, but standing next to him, I’m shy and timid.
Overnight I go from pretending that I don’t love him to pretending I do.
See, Adam needs a date. He’s newly single and not looking for a real girlfriend, so he asks his good friend and brilliant actress (me) to play the part.
Acting like I’m in love with him is easy. Hiding my feelings is the real challenge.
Now I have to tell my fake fiancé that I’m not pretending.
My bad crush has gotten me in way over my head.

Bad Crush by Rebecca Jenshak is releasing April 27, 2021!

Pre-order your copy today!


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