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Review – Break by Anna Brooks

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Break; Guarding Her #8 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: May 6, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Brother-Best Friend/Hero/Suspense Romance

Author: Anna Brooks

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



This was my first Anna Brooks novel and I really enjoyed jumping into her world.

While this was a quick read, I thoroughly enjoyed the pacing, the overall plot and all of the characters were highly enjoyable. I’m looking forward to where all of Molly and Brody’s brothers continue to take us in future novels.

Molly is the youngest and the only girl in a family with three older brothers, plus her best friend is the youngest out of five brothers. Molly knows how to find trouble when trouble is to be had. Her entire family worries about her and decides to leave her locked in a jail cell for a night when she’s made one mistake too many.

In walks Brody, pretty much returning to town after a horrible accident and staying with family while he recuperates, and who does he find locked up and needing to be rescued? The one woman he’s never really forgotten.

This adorable meet-cute is actually quite funny and I knew I was hooked not only on this book, but on Anna Brooks from that point forward. What really solidified my new found love for all things Anna Brooks is not only the injected humor, but also the love that both sides of the family showed for Molly and Brody while they worked through their relationship. It squeezed my heart at how supportive they all were. The entire family dynamic is really touching and makes the continued growth of the series something to really look forward to.

Aside from the love that was brewing between Molly and Brody, there is also a suspenseful element to this book. A mystery to solve which made this contemporary romance just that much sweeter.

I was able to read this book as a complete stand alone.


When I woke up in that hospital bed, I knew my life would never be the same. Returning home broken and unable to do my job anymore, I was lost until she came back into my world.

Though I tried to deny what I was feeling, she made it impossible not to fall for her… and I fell, hard and fast. The problem? I wasn’t the only one who wanted her all to himself. So not only did I have to protect her from a man intent on doing her harm but I also had to tell my brother we were in love with the same woman.

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