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Review – All the Beautiful Things by Stacey Lynn

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All the Beautiful Things; Love and Lies #2 
(#2 within a duet)

Publication Date: May 11, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Duet/Contemporary Romance

Author: Stacey Lynn

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



All the Beautiful Things is a beautiful story about family, friendship, and love. It jumps right back in at the continuation of Hudson and Lilly’s story, right where we left them swimming through a sea of lies and deception. This is not a standalone as we come to the second part of this duet. Hudson and Lilly now have to navigate through the sea to discover if their relationship is worth fighting for and build trust all over again.

Lilly, who has never had a basis for a loving relationship, doesn’t know who to trust or where to turn when she wakes up shattered by the lies the Valentine family have been feeding her. However, are they really lies or just omission of the truths? She doesn’t know how to wrap her head around everything she’s experienced as the entire time she’s spent with Hudson and his family has felt like a falsity. This is just the tip of the iceberg in the second part of this duet.

Lilly really gains a lot of strength and grows exponentially as she comes to trust herself in her decision making, but like I mentioned before those lies are just the tip of a bigger picture. Hudson is the man who stands out more in this book and what we learn about him and his family. The love he had for his sister, the foster kids that came and went, his mother that he lost, and his past relationships. Hudson may seem like a man who has everything, but he’s just as broken when it comes to love as Lilly at the end of the day.

Lilly grows exponentially from book one while she makes decisions about her life and truly getting to know the man she originally was falling for in the first book. As they try to repair their relationship and everything in the Valentine family comes to light, she gets to decide if he’s truly worth staying in love with the man who was built on smoke and mirrors.

There is a lot of meat yet to uncover between these two, not only between Hudson and Lilly who have a lot to untangle before their story comes to an end and their journey is beautiful to read, but the entire Valentine family. This book is just more and in being more, it’s about the family you choose and in the long run, the family you decide to keep by your side forever.


She’d been betrayed too many times to hand over her trust.
I’d lost too many people to love too easily.

Together, we were a mess. A constant struggle for peace. Yet it was in each other we found everything we were looking for.
Until tragedy struck and I feared the worst.
Pushing her away would have been the best. Kept us safe and unshaken.

But it was too late. My little fighter had determined what she wanted, and she was willing to go down swinging to finally earn her happily ever after.
It was her determination that kept us together, even through the worst of it.
And when we finally made it to the other side, I knew…

All the ugly things we’d survived could lead to something beautiful.

The stunning conclusion to Hudson and Lilly’s story will release on May 11th!

All the Ugly Things (Love & Lies Duet, #1) All the Ugly Things, Love and Lies #1

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