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Review – Consumed by Deception by Rina Kent

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Consumed by Deception; Deception Trilogy #3 
(#3 within a trilogy)

Publication Date: May 6, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Trilogy/Mafia/Dark Romance

Author: Rina Kent

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Rina Kent has crafted the perfect villain that becomes the hero within his own story. I am so addicted to this whole world that I feel like I will starve until the next time I’m able to return.

Everything comes full circle for Adrian and Lia; their love, their deceptions, their betrayal, it all comes to a head, while their story weaves back together and all of our questions are finally answered.

What I love most about reading a story like the Deception trilogy, is that is was not only broken apart and then woven back together (which was mind blowing and absolutely brilliant), but the love story between Adrian and Lia was unique each time we jumped into a new book.

Adrian is a monster, but he is Lia’s monster. Adrian is the man she needs and craves no matter what point or timeline they are in. The same can also be said for Adrian and how he feels about Lia, although his falls more along the line of an obsession. If he had his way he would lock Lia away in a tower and ravish her from sun up until sun down. However, his monster also recognizes that Lia is already locked away in her own tower within her mind and while Adrian claims to be no hero, he does provide the keys which help Lia escape. He claims he’s a villain, which by any other standard he is; he’s a criminal, a killer, etc…, but within his own love story he is most certainly a hero.

Adrian is so unlike other anti-hero I’ve come across. He doesn’t soften over the course of the trilogy, nor does he apologize for his beastly ways, he certainly doesn’t change his profession, he is truly and unapologetically himself, which is really why readers – myself included, love him. I don’t believe for one second that Lia ever wanted to change her husband, the draw to his rawness is truly the temptation of the man himself.

Lia herself deeply enjoys being desired and craved, she just doesn’t admit out loud, and why would she it gives up some of the power she has. Her character has changed the most throughout the entire trilogy and is probably one of the most fascinating characters Rina has probably written. I love how bold she becomes and really claims a huge chunk of what she wants to become in a mafia wife, while still maintaining that softness that Adrian loves about her. Jeremy and Adrian are her entire world and you can tell that her son is a lot like of both of his parents. Jeremy is incredibly sweet and intelligent. I can hardly wait to see what Rina does with this next generation of children.

This entire trilogy is YESSSS, loved it, and again, I will be sad until I can return to this world.


My husband. My monster.

The truth isn’t always what it seems.
Lia doesn’t realize that, but she will. Soon.
I chose this life. This road. This twisted arrangement.
For her, I made a deal with the devil.
For her, I toyed with fate and death.
There’s no going back.
I stole her and like any thief, I won’t return her.
Lia is my addiction. My obsession. My love.

This book is the final part of a trilogy and is not standalone.

Dark Marriage Romance.


This book is part of a trilogy and is not standalone.

Deception Trilogy:
#0 Dark Deception
#1 Vow of Deception
#2 Tempted by Deception
#3 Consumed by Deception

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