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Review – Chaser by Charity Ferrell

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Chaser; Twisted Fox #4 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: May 18, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Friends to Lovers/Fake Relationship/Contemporary Romance

Author: Charity Ferrell

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Sigh…Big heart emoji eyes…ALL.THE.FEELS!!!

Finn and Grace are not only friends, but they are friends within a group of friends that have been coupling off for the past couple of years. It may seem like pressure , but it’s more than that, they actually do like like each other and neither of them want to mess up the dynamic of their personal friendship or the friendship within their group.

When Grace finds herself pregnant, the father is not the man she expected when she started her relationship with him. Ending things is the only way to move forward and raising her baby alone is how she’s set her mind, but when Finn finds out he proves just how he’s always been there for Grace over and over again as he steps up agreeing to be her fake baby daddy.

Just as Finn was wondering if he missed the opportunity to tell Grace exactly how he feels, who has been in front of him for years, he gets another opportunity when he gets to be her fake baby daddy. It may not be the ideal situation, or what he dreamed when it came to the two of them, but he’s not missing out again. Grace and her baby will know exactly how he feels about the both of them and he’s never letting them go.

This story is a beautiful journey between two friends who experience the joy (and hormones) of pregnancy together. Because they already cared about each other as friends for years, Finn was instantly on board to help out on a friend level. His willingness to care and help was super dreamy on a book boyfriend level. Finn pretty much pushed all of the other Twisted Fox guys out of the way and became number one by a mile!! Sorry guys, Finn is AMAZING!!


Things I never thought would happen:
1. Meeting my boyfriend’s secret wife.
2. Finding out I’m pregnant with his baby.
3. Having my best friend tell my family he’s the father.

Things I never thought would happen:
1. Becoming best friends with a woman the total opposite of me.
2. Pretending to be her baby daddy.
3. Falling in love with her.

The more we fake it, the more we forget it’s only temporary.
If only we had known it would change everything.

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