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Review – Dating the Player by Erin McCarthy

Book cover for Dating the Player (The Legends Book 1) by Erin McCarthy

Dating the Player; The Legends #1 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: May 17, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Football Sports Romance/Virgin/Contemporary Romance

Author: Erin McCarthy

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Adorable, sweet, and very romantic. I loved the spark between Dak and Eloise from the very beginning, making this a great start to a new series.

For the first time in Dakota North’s life he was thrown by a woman who didn’t automatically jump at his charms. Not that Eloise was cold or mean, she just knew that Dak was a player and therefore knew her own boundaries and sense of self preservation when it came to her own heart. She wasn’t willing to give up a piece of herself in the name of one night of fun, risking not only the possibility of emotional attachment, but her self worth, her pride, and most importantly her job. She works at the stadium with Dak and while she loves the daily flirting he brings, crossing the line for more wasn’t worth losing her job.

Eloise wasn’t under any illusion that if it came down to Dakota North, star quarterback, or Eloise, social media rep, who most likely would be cut from the employment roster. While she was good at her job she wasn’t raking in the dollar signs like Dak did. So she took her job seriously when she became the babysitter for a weekend trip with the hunky quarterback. No matter how much he upped his flirting game. Her focus was keeping him off of social media and not getting into his pants even if she really, really wanted to.

Eloise just never expected to be pulled into Dak’s orbit and fall for his family, his charm, and the really nice guy that he seems to hide under the player, non-filter media nightmare. Dak knows he has to pull out the big guns to win Eloise over and nothing in his arsenal of past hookups will work to charm his Kitty. He’s never been with someone like her before and  all of these feelings are new, could it be the girl or is it more?

These two were just delightful to read and I’m really looking forward to reading more of Dak’s friends in upcoming books. When they are all together the moments are hilarious. Eloise fit right in and I love that she goes with the flow for whatever Dak brings to the table considering she is normally a stay at home kind of girl.

Dak falling for his complete opposite type is so cute, but even more so is the observations he makes about himself about his buffett of past women. Eloise is truly more his type than he ever realized and that’s why these two work so well together. Eloise is strong and adorable and the perfect match to call someone like Dak on every move he makes. This new series looks like so much fun and I’m totally here for it!


I’ve got a big pro football contract, a big appetite for women, and a big mouth. It gets me into trouble more often than not… but this time it lands me with a nerdy little PR gatekeeper who is supposed to control me. But good luck with that.
Eloise and her kitten sweaters and adorable glasses have me thinking about her in a whole different way…
I’m not your typical nerd girl. Instead of video games, I love football. I’ve landed my dream job managing social media for my favorite team, but with Dakota North as quarterback it’s a 24/7 job. When I’m told I have to spend a week making sure Dak doesn’t tweet, he seems determined to use that time to flirt with me.
I have to ask myself, what is more important- losing my virginity to a bad boy quarterback or keeping my perfect job?
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