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Review – Flipping Love You by Erin Nicholas

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Flipping Love You; Boys of Bayou Gone Wild #3 
(An interconnected standalone within a series)

Publication Date: June 29, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Small Town/Surprise Pregnancy/Contemporary Romance

Author: Erin Nicholas

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Did someone crank up the heat? I need to jump in with the adorable penguins and cool off because I am head over tail in love with Flipping Love You!

Holy hotness! Get your fan’s at the ready and make sure you have an ice cold beverage when you sit down to read this book! Zeke and Jill are beyond hot. They are Louisiana summer hot!! It’s a good thing the penguins that Jill takes care of enjoy the warm weather because they upped the steam in Autre. Am I getting my point across yet?😉

Zeke Landry has always enjoyed the ladies and the ladies enjoyed him, but when he meets Jill Morris she is unlike any other woman he’s ever met. Not only is she the lowest maintenance woman he’s come across, but he soon learns that she cares more about, not just animals, but penguins in particular more than people. She is such a workaholic that she forgets about things like eating, doing laundry, people’s birthdays, basically all of those small things that eventually lead to big things that have ended any kind of relationship she’s ever tried to have in the past.

Jill prefers to keep things simple, like friends-with-benefits, which she knew moving to Louisiana she’d have to find a new “friend”, so when hot, tattooed Zeke just so happens to have an accident in front of her motel the first night she’s in town, she invites him back to her room. She isn’t shy in asking for what she wants and Zeke loves the fresh, honest approach, another thing to add to his growing list of what makes her unique. Every moment they spend together only grows his fascination and when one of those moments accidentally causes their friends-with-benefits to be a bit more permanent…well, Zeke isn’t exactly upset about that prospect.

My favorite parts, aside from the honesty and frank openness between Zeke and Jill, was truly in the sweet moments when they realized that when you find the person you love you become a better version of yourself. Neither Jill nor Zeke were bad people before meeting one another, but when they accidently fall, they also accidentally became better versions of the awesome people they already were. I’ll let you discover what that truly means, but just know it truly made me smile every single time it happened in this book.

My other favorite part is Ellie’s definition of having children. “They are like a hurricane”. I’ve never heard something more perfectly accurate in all of my life. This entire scene between Ellie and Jill, well actually with the entire family, is really the best.

How Erin keeps topping these wild boys of the bayou I don’t know, but she does and Flipping Love You is everything cute, fun, and totally hot to add to this amazing series!


He’s the tattooed bad boy her mama warned her about.
She’s his hot mess — but mostly hot — next door neighbor.
Until a two-night-stand gives them the surprise of a lifetime…

Jillian Morris is a workaholic who forgets to watch the time. And to eat. And to change her shoes. And to keep even a house-plant alive. And to have any kind of a personal life.

Now an eccentric millionaire has left her eight million dollars. And eight penguins. Yes, real live penguins. She’s a wildlife vet who specializes in penguins, so that makes sense. Kind of. She can, and does, keep penguins alive and well. She now just has to move them cross-country to her friend’s new animal park.

So if anyone deserves a one-night (or two) stand with a hot, younger, tattooed bad boy on a motorcycle, it’s her. Or so Jill tells herself when Zeke Landry flips his bike in front of her motel and she stitches him up.

If only she’d known who he really was.
And that he was the fall-hard-and-fast type.
And the protective type.
And that one night would turn into more like nine-months of being… sigh… very personal.

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