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Review – Rain by A.L. Woods

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(A standalone)

Publication Date: June 30, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Elements of BDSM/Dark/Age-Gap/Angsty Triangle Romance

Author: A.L. Woods

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



WOW! Dark, gritty, raw, and in your face emotional. Rain does not hold back. It is a torrential downpour of trauma, grief, and mental health issues mixed in with some of the hottest bedroom times that all center around an amazing young woman.

Rain is a story that contains a blend of past and present storylines that all weave together to give the reader a clear roadmap to where each character came from, how they ended up where they are at, and where they are headed in the future. Rain is a big book, which can seem daunting, and yet it’s needed to braid all three tales together perfectly.

Allegra is certainly the center of the book. Dom and Nate orbit around her and yet Allegra suffers from feeling alone and neglected much of her life. While I went back and forth between both liking and disliking both guys at different points in the story, there was one person I stood hard and fast on never liking; her brother, Terry. Sorry, not sorry.

If you looked at Dom and Nate as two sides of the same coin, where Allegra had to flip it to choose, they both had different qualities that made that choice nearly impossible. Dom is dark, possessive, and believes himself to be a non-redeemable monster. His one concession has pretty much always been Allegra, however, he just doesn’t know how to express or even say “I love you,” the one thing Allegra wants more than anything. Take away the love aspect, he’s been her protector, pretty much her guardian, and been all of her firsts.

Nate is a different side of that same coin. He actually makes Allegra smile, pushes her boundaries, and wants better for her. This is a new development in Nate’s life as for the past decade he’s only thought of himself and what’s in his pants. He too doesn’t believe in love, but it’s certainly not on a dark level like Dom. Nate is quirky and his internal musings always brought a chuckle out of me. While he just rolled into town and hasn’t known Allegra long, there is something that says he wants more time with her, but is it worth risking those pesky things called feelings?

There is a long path to the decisions Allegra has to make and there were times I wanted to jump in and help because clearly this girl needed more guidance than the people living around her. Seriously though, the trigger warnings are no joke. Rain delves into the very deep end of mental illness, domestic abuse, and other topics that could be triggers for some readers. If you just love reading, jump into the storm and enjoy the rain.


I’m afraid of nothing and everything.
When that car accident changed my life twelve years ago—I thought it was over.
Dom saved me.
I used to think that I could save him, too.
He was the only one who could see me.
But then Nate came along and saw me, too.
One is my past.
Only one will be my future.
I want them both—only one of them can keep me.
Eventually, I’ll have to choose.
Even if it burns me alive.

A car accident nearly killed her.
So the monster became what she needed: a hero.
But little girls grow up to whisper I love you’s and forever’s.
I should have never touched my best friend’s little sister.
When my actions threatened her safety, I did the only thing I could think of: I married her behind her older brother’s back.
A fire and a five-year prison sentence changed everything.
She threw away our vows, so I plotted my revenge.
There was only one thing I didn’t factor in upon my release.

I’ve spent the last eleven years on the run from my past.
I bed unsuspecting women and rob them in their sleep.
My mistake was underestimating Allegra.
She beats me at my own game.
When circumstances find me at her mercy, I’m determined to erase the tattoo of her pretty hazel eyes and her body under mine from my memory.
But Allegra’s fire isn’t easily forgettable.
And I’m not the only one who feels that way.
We both want her.
Only one of us can keep her.
May the best man win.

Content and trigger warning: Rain has some elements of BDSM, metamour, kinky sex, and graphic violent scenes. It also contains scenes that depict domestic abuse, sexual assault, abuse of substances, religious references, discussions and idealizations of suicide, aquaphobia, and mental health issues.

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