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Review – The Grumpy Player Next Door by Pippa Grant

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The Grumpy Player Next Door
(An interconnected standalone)

Publication Date: July 8, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Enemies-to-Lovers/Sports/Romantic Comedy

Author: Pippa Grant

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Pippa always, ALWAYS, brings a HUGE smile to my face and she has once again made me smile, laugh, and chortle through her newest book.

What is it about Growly Bears and Sunshine Girls that makes such addictive reading? Personally, I love making frowns turn upside down, probably because I live with my own grouchy man and live to see those rare smiles, just like Tillie Jean.

The pranks, the family, the love, and of course the grumpy baseball player, it all made for a wonderful addition to Pippa’s already fantastic interconnected series’.

Whether you want to put Grouchy Player Next Door in the Shipwreck series, the Fireballs series, or the Boy Band series, they all fit. There is a character that makes an appearance from each of those worlds and they all made me a happy, happy reader. GPND can be read as a complete standalone if you want to get to know a lot of new characters, but if you are fan of Pippa’s then jump in and enjoy the ride.

Tillie Jean is a Rock, not in the sense that she is someone to lean on for support, although she is because she’s awesome, but she is related to Cooper Rock and Grady Rock, so she literally is a Rock (ok, once again, not a literal stone)…ok moving on. TJ is loved by everyone in town. Like her brothers, she is Miss Sunshine and there to always give a helping hand, so when Max Cole blately and instantly dislikes her (going back four years- yes, she’s been trying for four years) she tries everything to get him to like her, unfortunately a prank gone very, very wrong doesn’t help on getting to lesson Max’s less grouchy side.

Max Cole will smile and flirt with pretty much everyone, everyone except Tillie Jean Rock. He knows better than to even think about engaging with his teammates’ sister. Cooper tells every rookie every season never, ever to even think about his dating his sister….so yeah, Max knows better. However, when Max ends up renting the house next to her during the off season, their close quarters make for interesting living engagements , that quickly escalate to prank wars and it’s hard to keep Trouble Jean out of his mind.

This is another huge win for Pippa Grant that brought a huge smile to my face. I loved revisiting past characters, while also meeting new ones and of course my favorite part was revisiting Shipwreck. I could seriously live in this small, wacky town.


An enemies-to-lovers / sports / grumpy-sunshine / neighbor romance

I, Tillie Jean Rock, am not in love with my brother’s teammate. Sure, he might have those biceps and that “I am the grouchiest of grouchy bears” smolder, and he might shovel snow off his driveway next door wearing nothing but boxer shorts and rubber boots, and he might be running a side business feeding all the stray goats in town, but studliness is only skin-deep.

And I might flirt with him every chance I get, but I swear it’s only to annoy my brother.

And him.

Because Max Cole?

Under all of those glorious muscles and chiseled cheekbones and searing glares beats the heart of a heartless devil.

I could no sooner fall in love with a guy who treats me like a kid, and judges me at every opportunity, and sets an army of garden gnomes loose on my yard, than I could fall in love with my grandfather’s pet parrot.

But I can definitely annoy him. I can one hundred percent get on board with annoying him.

That’s what you do when you don’t like your neighbor, right?

But you know what they say about love and hate…

It’s a very thin line.

Especially when the real reason I’m not in love with Max Cole—that he’s incapable of love—might not be true at all.

The Grumpy Player Next door is a fun-filled enemies-to-lovers romcom featuring a ray of sunshine on a mission, an athlete who’s only grouchy around her, and an epic prank gone wrong. It stands alone and comes complete with small-town shenanigans, a goat who’s not nearly as wise as his name suggests, and proof that sometimes, love is the best kind of vengeance.

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