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Review – My Greatest Mistake by T. Gephart

Book cover for My Greatest Mistake (Crazy In Love Book 1) by T Gephart

My Greatest Mistake
(A standalone)

Publication Date: July 12, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Mistaken Identity/Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance

Author: T. Gephart

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Fun, flirty, and so darn romantic. A fantastic summer read with the perfect…well everything in it.

Zara and her dream man, Edwin, I mean Lincoln meet under the most adorable meet-cute I’ve read in while. I also want to throw out that Zara’s sister, Belle, is also the cutest secondary character in every possible way and I really hope she gets a story of her own, okay now back to the soulmates…

When Zara was a teenager she was told her soulmate’s name would be Edwin Carlisle. Now, she didn’t believe in fortune tellers, nor did she believe in soulmates either, but her sister does and when both of them are entering a hospital years later and hear that very name announced over the loudspeaker, it has to be destiny, right?

My Greatest Mistake was super cute and a total joy to read from beginning to the very end. It held me from the very first page and kept me entertained until the very last page and I really hope there will be more from this world since I truly loved it.


Love isn’t fated.
And anything revealed by a sideshow fortune teller about soulmates is also bogus.
But when the same unique name is called over the loudspeaker at a hospital years later, even a skeptic like Zara can’t fight the curiosity.
And when he turns out to be a witty, good-looking, intelligent and successful lawyer, a girl might rethink her stance.
But is he everything he claims to be? Or is he too good to be true?
Crazy attraction and an undeniable connection make for a lethal combination.
And he is either her ultimate true love or her greatest mistake.

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