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Review – Pretty Boy D by Rachel Jonas and Nikki Thorne

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Pretty Boy D; Kings of Cypress Prep #4 
(An interconnected standalone)

Publication Date: July 9, 2021

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Friends-to-Lovers/Roommates Romance

Authors: Rachel Jonas and Nikki Thorne

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



I loved, LOVED returning to Cypress Pointe with the Golden boys. Dane and Joss were a total feel good, smexy, friends falling in love story. Sigh…it was perfect.

Joss really does love her best friend, but her parents once began as friends before their marriage fell apart, so she’d rather keep Dane as a friend than ever give into the feelings he stirs inside her and lose him forever. However, when they move in together that closeness makes it harder to contain her emotions and giving in to him seems so much easier. Loving Dane as a friend has always been easy, how much easier would it be to love him as a lover? Dane in nothing by sleeping pants is walking smexy sin.

Dane truly has a heart of gold and has been in love with his best friend since he was twelve. It’s taken seven years to finally be able to tell Joss how he feels and once those feelings are unleashed, it’s really hard to bottle them back up. He wants her in his life if only she would let him in. Dane would give her the world if she would let him. He will take her anyway he can, even if friendship is the only way, but in his dirty fantasies she’s already a dream come true.

While these two may seem to have been inevitable, as both of Dane’s brother pretty much point out to him all the time, the road to happiness is pitted with unknowns; like potential lovers, and angst, like job opportunities, plus so much more. There is nothing that is guaranteed and a friendship like Dane and Joss’ proves that nothing in life is easy or comes without hardship, but anything worthy gained is worth the trouble in earning it.


Dane Golden—Best friend. Temptation in football cleats. Roommate?

I’m screwed.

His followers don’t call him Pretty Boy D for nothing. The guy is, literally, God’s gift to women. I should know. I’ve watched chicks throw themselves at him since puberty.

Sharing his loft should be simple. Easy. But shortly after I settle in, we realize being “just friends” was so much easier when we weren’t sleeping under the same roof.

Seven years of thinking we had this down to a science goes out the window the night Dane sees my “Never Have I Ever” list. Now, he’s on a mission to help me cross off the top four items. Some of which aren’t quite as innocent as he’d expect.

What he’s proposing will break the rules we agreed to when I first came to stay here. He wants me to give in, to let my guard down and face my feelings for once. At least, that’s what that wicked look in his eyes and the mounting heat between us suggests.

This isn’t how I imagined being roommates would go. But a girl can only stare temptation in its green eyes for so long and not weaken.

My best friend wants to have his way with me and, right or wrong… I think I might let him.


Pretty Boy D is a full-length standalone novel. This book can absolutely be read on its own, but when you’re done, it’s recommended that you check out more from the Golden triplets and Joss in the complete enemies-to-lovers trilogy, KINGS OF CYPRESS PREP.

Do you enjoy the frustratingly hot push and pull of a good friends-to-lovers or roommates-to-lovers romance? Then you’ll love getting to know Dane and Joss. Due to adult themes and sexual situations, this one’s only for the 18+ crowd. Expect an HEA and no trigger warnings needed.

Book cover for Pretty Boy D: A Best Friends to Lovers Standalone (Kings of Cypress Pointe) by Rachel Jonas, Nikki Thorne

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