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Review – Waste My Time by Kelsey Clayton

Waste My Time (North Haven University #4)

Waste My Time; North Haven University #4
(#4 within a series)

Publication Date: July 8, 2021

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/ Second Chance/Surprise Pregnancy Romance

Author: Kelsey Clayton

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Emotional, gripping, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to say goodbye to NHU until the perfect ending.

Waste My Time is a second chance romance filled with so much emotion, it shows how much Clayton poured her heart and soul into this book as it pulled at all of my heartstrings.

I am a product of a second chance romance myself and I can tell you that every thought and emotion that Kennedy possessed I felt at one time or another. My soul ached for this girl as she struggled with self identity, jealousy, grief, sadness, just to name a few of the emotions that ran through her mind as she came to grips with her relationship that was disintegrating right before her eyes.

How does this happen? Easton Donovan was in love with another girl in high school, Tessa, but he never really let her go even when he began his relationship with Kennedy. No matter how strong their relationship was, that doubt, that fear, that lack of trust, well…it only takes one time to break what you believe was strong and Easton only had himself to blame for throwing it all away.

Their story is one that grew out of that broken trust and this entire book is whether they piece it back together or just walk away. It’s heartbreaking, truly emotional, and I loved every moment of this book.

I especially loved how Kelsey didn’t make their road an easy fix. It wasn’t won over a bought trinket, or a dinner out, or steamy bedroom time. Kennedy and Easton both have to work at building what was shattered. I both love and completely understand building a foundation making this an emotional book that was a complete page turner.

With this being the last book in the NHU series, Kelsey seamlessly brought in past characters for bittersweet moments, or for probably the best moment in the entire series ever – the bro-shower! OMG!! I was dying laughing. Waste My Time was nowhere near a waste of time to read, it was perfect and the best possible way to end a phenomenal series.

My name is Easton Donovan,
and I massively screwed up.

I should’ve given her the world.
Should’ve been everything she deserves.
Instead, I broke her like every promise I’ve ever made.

The darkness tells me to let her go.
Memories of my past keep me from letting her in.
Someone should tell her that loving me is a losing game.

Just being around her is a high I’ve never known.
If she knows what’s good for her, she’ll cut me off.
Given the chance, I’ll ruin her the way I’ve done to others.
But with the bomb she just dropped, she’s here to stay.

She’s flawless innocence.
I’m toxic destruction.
And the selfish part is, I need her.

Truth be told, Kennedy Lehigh could be the one to save me from myself.

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