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Review – The Society #StalkerProblems by Ivy Smoak

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The Society #StalkerProblems; The Society #1 
(#1 in a new series, interconnected to other worlds)

Publication Date: August 12, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Romantic Contemporary Romance

Author: Ivy Smoak

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



A quirky, interconnected, new series by Ivy Smoak. Crazy, awkward, and just plain relatable, Ash/Raven Black, is my #spiritanimal.

The Society is insanely funny and outlandishly full of quirky “did I just read that” moments.  Ash’s friendships and path to love, especially after an awful divorce, pave the way through this wonderful book.

Ash embodies so much awkwardness that lives in everyone. Meaning, we’ve all had a moment where something flies out of your mouth that we wish we could take back, or that moment where we bend down to pick something up and then hit our head on the desk on our way back up. Pure mortification, right? Ash finds herself in these moments on a daily basis and lives in constant panic of finding herself in these situations which seems to make them even worse. Her anxiety over the possibility of landing in a dumpster, or a centipede crawling on her or any number of other anxious driven moments is quite humorous in her adorable awareness of these fears.

Ash spends the majority of the book going back and forth between stalking and calling the man she’s stalking her stalker. Didn’t I mention she’s quirky? Well, the man she’s stalking or being stalked by is Tanner/Ryder Storm. He is quite the odd duck himself if you read Matchmaker. These two certainly seem like a match made in heaven. Their oddities fitting into each others grooves in the best way possible. However, there is still so much about Tanner that we don’t discover as his secrets and mysterious ways continue to pile up.

Ash may be a hotmess, but she appreciates Tanner’s eccentricities. These two are so much fun together, but there is always a feeling of- is he telling her the truth? While it’s super important to find the person who matches your weirdness, is he her forever person? With a potential second suitor in the mix (he’s super hot too and packing some heat), is Ash too distracted by Tanner’s stalker ways or is she stalking him…anyway…who is Ash’s forever person, and what really happens at this mysterious club behind all those closed doors? I can’t wait for more Ash and her quirkiness to continue in the next book.

The Society is an interconnected story to Ivy’s other worlds, but I wouldn’t say you need to read those books first to completely understand them, but reading Matchmaker would certainly enhance your experience as you get a look at Tanner’s uniqueness and a first hand look at the incident Ash frets over throughout the entire book. However, The Society can be read as a complete standalone as it focuses on Ash and the people she associates with; her friends, co-workers, Tanner, and eventually the members of The Society and Ivy does a great job at going over the incident so you won’t miss a thing.

The only warning I would give; don’t drink anything while reading this book because you will most likely spit it out while laughing. There is hardly a moment or chapter where I wasn’t laughing. Sit back and enjoy!


I got an invitation to an illicit club.

They say they’ll grant me three wishes.

They say they’ll make all my wildest dreams come true.

All I have to do is sign the contract.

Is it too good to be true? I’m about to find out.

Warning: This is my steamiest book yet. Like…super steamy. You’ve been warned. Welcome to the Society…

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