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Review – Incubastard by Charity B.

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Publication Date: October 7, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Dark/Paranormal Romance

Author: Charity B

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Funny, entertaining, and disturbing, but all in the best way possible! I LOVED IT!!

Loch is pretentious d**k, but he’s also thousands of years old and a princely demon, so his attitude makes sense. I loved everything about Loch, but I’m also glad I’m not a soul that has been sent down below for him to torture. His job is to literally punish evil and wicked souls and he thrives off of it, maybe not as much as likes to slake his lust, but a lot of times they go hand in hand, so that is a bonus of his job.

Loch’s attitude and lack of human morals really make sense when he is summoned to earth, but the more I got to know Loch those human morals we sometimes hold so high, well, honestly they start to grey. He may not be prince charming or even a white knight, but I would definitely put him in the anti-hero or dark knight category. Loch is protective of those who fall within his orbit, and while he certainly has zero filter and doesn’t understand a lot of human ways, he has a ton of character growth. Loch is like a bumbling toddler in manners with a crazy high libedo in the bedroom and serial killer tendencies with those he cares about who get hurt. He’s perfect!

Mishka didn’t mean to literally summon a demon into her life, she was both trying to move on from her cheating ex and help out her best friend with her witching spells (Leena is a ton of fun as a secondary character). Mishka honestly didn’t think anything would happen, but when a gorgeous man appears in her home and he told her he wasn’t leaving her life until they supposedly consummated the summoning. Yeah, she might feel like she was going crazy when he first appeared, but she also wasn’t crazy enough to sleep with a demon.

No matter what Mishka does Loch won’t leave and she refuses to stoop into sleeping with him. He’s crass, bold, (he’s sexy, but she won’t tell him that) and he continually says the wrong thing. However, when he stops long enough to actually not act like the demon he truly is, she actually starts liking him. What the h.e.double l hockey sticks could she be thinking? She should really start to question her sanity because they could never work. Even when it’s safe to say…she might actually be falling him. A demon and a human has that ever worked in history?

I loved everything about this story, but I especially loved how Charity twisted an old tale (yes, the oldest tale ever) into her own story. I also loved the inclusivity of love and how souls played into who we are vs. the human views we place on people. Everything was absolutely brilliant!

There was a lot of suspension of disbelief that went into reading this story, but I feel that is true with any paranormal book. The gore is high, but weirdly enough because this is a completely fictional world, the disbelief made the gore easier to swallow. However, Charity put the warnings in there if graphic violence is not your thing.


Angels, demons… the afterlife.
I’d always thought they were bullshit.
Until all my misguided beliefs were proven wrong by an infuriating, flippant asshole with horns who has no concept of boundaries.
Summoning him was never the plan, especially since I’m not willing to do what it takes to send him back.
If I’ve learned anything from Loch, it’s that preconceived ideas are usually false, and the truth is much messier than fables.
The theory of good and evil is flawed.
Nothing is that simple.

The only side of human nature I’ve ever encountered is vile and perverse, depraved and cruel.
However, Mishka’s none of those things.
She’s an insufferable, snarky creature who makes me question everything I know about myself.
The longer I’m with her in this world, the less desperate I am to return to mine, which is absurd.
I am son of Asmodeus.
A prince spawned from lust to torment the damned.
The mortal realm is not where I belong.

Incubastard deals with Christian lore that does not align with the Bible. It is completely fictional. If this will make you uncomfortable, please do not read this book.

Content Warning: This novel contains graphic scenes depicting blood and gore along with sexually explicit content and violence. For mature audiences only.

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Review – Romance by the Book by Sarah Ready

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Romance by the Book; Soul Mates in Romeo #3 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: September 14, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Romantic Comedy/Enemies-to-Lovers/Contemporary Romance

Author: Sarah Ready

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



I completely lose myself in Sarah Ready’s books and I never want to return to reality. I lose all track of time and space once I begin reading and I hate leaving her worlds every single time.

Romance by the Book is another fantastic Ready hit! The push-pull, love-hate chemistry of William and Jessie is pure soul mate gold! From the time this couple first met at the young age of eight until they finally admit their undying love their story is full of all the wonderful  romcom classics that unfortunately go horribly wrong.

Romance by the Book is fun, flirty, and full of chemistry, but it also has wonderful moments of heart. Sarah writes about love – real lasting love from the perspective of the residents of Romeo. This is a beautiful reminder about why people fall in love and then continue to stay in love. It’s a story that takes a stroll down those butterfly feelings in the very beginning of a relationship, but then continues through the ups and down, through sickness and health, etc… and what it means to still be together after fifty years together as a couple. What is the secret formula to love or is being a soul mate enough? I love how each couple that William and Jessie meet impart a bit of wisdom or advice to what the secret is.

William and Jessie have known each other for twenty years by the time they both venture down this path and a lot of the fun in this story revolves around Jessie getting Gavin, William’s twin brother, to actually fall into her classic romcom traps, while William does everything in his power to keep that from happening.  Oh, there is a lot of backstory into why she wants Gavin and why William is cast as the villian, but the backstory is what gives this book all the extra feels. They both have their preconceived notions about one another, or even a fantasy, but what may be going wrong could actually be going right.

I continually love returning to this small town that is all about love. This book was a brilliant story about redemption, forgiveness and following your heart. I can’t wait to return once again and see who the next soul mate match will be.


Welcome to Romeo, NY where it’s not a matter of if you find your soul mate, only when.

Book-loving librarian Jessie has loved Gavin Williams for practically her whole life. So when a psychic predicts that Gavin is Jessie’s one fated soul mate, she’s ecstatic.
There’s just one itty bitty little problem.
Gavin’s engaged to marry another woman.

What’s a book lover to do? Easy. Check out dozens of romance books, study the (totally realistic) way characters fall in love, and make a foolproof plan on how to win her soul mate (in one week).
Meet cute? Check.
Dance under the stars? Check.
Kiss in the rain? Check.
Romance books don’t lie – it’ll all go perfectly.
Except, there’s another problem. Gavin’s twin brother: William Williams IV.

Jessie has hated William for as long as she’s loved his brother. William is grump to Jessie’s sunshine, stand-offish to her extrovert, cold to her warm. And when William learns of Jessie’s plan to derail his brother’s engagement he swears that he’ll do anything to stop her.
But after William and Jessie (unwillingly) share a dance…a romantic dinner…a kiss…Jessie starts to wonder, is William actually her soul mate? Or is this just another one of his games?
She can’t tell, because this romance definitely isn’t going by the book.

Romance by the Book is Book 3 in Sarah Ready’s Soul Mates in Romeo Romance Series.

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