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Review – Saving Silver by Xavier Neal

Book cover for Saving Silver (The Draak Legacy #1) by Xavier Neal

Saving Silver; The Draak Legacy #1
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: September 23, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Romantic Comedy/Paranormal Romance

Author: Xavier Neal

Review Rating: 4.5 Gold Stars


Dragons, mermaids, and genies, oh my!!

Dae was awakened to a magical world when a dragon shifter arrived in her veterinarian office one evening. The call to become his mate was strong between the two as Silver/Zilveren was simultaneously battling forces that were capturing ancient dragons throughout the city.

This is Xavier’s first jump into the paranormal world and I give her a solid 4.5 stars for tackling a new genre. The plot contained a lot of action and suspense and the chemistry still flowed between the two characters even when you threw in all of the paranormal oddities into the mix. Well done for this first jump into the fantastical realm.

I really enjoyed the different species of magical creatures that came up vs. the typical paranormal creatures that always seemed to be introduced in every other fantasy book I come across . There were also new spins on old species which I rather enjoyed as well. Once again, this showed Xavier’s creativity for tackling this new genre.

This is the first book in a new dragon series and there were several creatures introduced, like Z’s brothers. As the series progresses, the brothers and their mate matches will be intriguing to learn more about.


From best-selling author Xavier Neal comes a brand-new, laugh-out-loud, paranormal romance you don’t want to miss…

I swear, one minute I’m dozing off during the night shift – don’t judge me – and the next I’m being told I’m Fate Mated to an ancient dragon.

An ancient dragon I couldn’t help but save when he woke me up out of the aforementioned slumber – again, don’t judge me.

Now this same ancient dragon – that I’m apparently destined to be with – is doing everything he can to win me over, because it’s up to me whether or not he’ll live the rest of his life in absolute agony or absolute bliss.

Oh, and let’s not forget the fact we’re being chased by elves, working with a grumpy Griffin, and have to rescue some poor kidnapped dragon before an evil corporation kills it.


Any chance this is all some crazy dream that I can’t wake up from?


Well, can’t blame this human for asking.

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Review – Mama’s Boy by Avery Flynn

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Mama’s Boy; Last Man Standing #1
(An interconnecting standalone within a series)

Publication Date: September 27, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Romantic Comedy

Author: Avery Flynn

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


So many adorable moments and crossover references. I loved the meddling family’s, fun dates, and just so many LOL moments to be had.

Even though Fiona and Dixon may have grown up in opposite worlds, they are more alike than they realize and it’s only when they spend time together, peeling back the lies and layers, that they truly discover their true selves and really enjoy each other to their fullest.

The outstanding moments came in with the blend of the large Hartigan family and the Beckett’s. While the Beckett’s is smaller, they are no less meddling in family affairs. Dixon and his cousins come up with a dare, while highly intoxicated of course, to be the last man standing in love, before the end of the year. The dare is, somewhat childish, but the Beckett’s never back down from a challenge and Dixon is by far one of the worst when it comes to never losing. He has to win at all costs, but he also sees no problem with this particular challenge. Love is something he never plans to do again so winning will be easy.

Dixon has been married and is currently a widow. He’s vowed never, ever to fall in love again. Been there, done that, never wants to feel that kind of pain again, but he also never loses. He has to win at all costs. He plans to take on this dare, six dates, no falling in love, no problem. That is until he meets Fiona Hartigan.

Why would Fiona ever date Dixon, especially knowing it’s all for a bet? She wants revenge. Dixon is the CEO of a cosmetics company and he’s dismissed her three times for a meeting. Three…stood up, dissing her, ignoring her times.This is her chance for an in to present her Nana’s products. She just needs to play it cool, help him win his bet and then she can ask him for any favor. It’s a win-win for both of them. That is until she starts falling for the man vs. the CEO tycoon.

With lots of steam, adorable meddling family moments, and the best reason of all…a hot mama’s boy…this book is a win-win-win.


Top three lies about mama’s boys:

1. That we don’t know what we want. That one is straight up BS. I know exactly what I want—to win this bet with my cousins by any means necessary even if it means finding the worst possible date in all of Harbor City and agreeing to whatever she asks in exchange for her pretending to fall for me.

2. That we are soft, little wimps. Yeah, you don’t get to be CEO of a multibillion dollar company by letting other people take advantage of you. So as soon as I realize my date Fiona Hartigan isn’t exactly who she appears to be, there’s nothing that will stop me from figuring out the truth—no matter how many dates it takes to unravel that mystery.

3. That we don’t know how to kiss. Oh yes we do. The only problem is that once I start kissing Fiona, I don’t want to stop and I have to because we’ve already agreed that all of this is temporary.

Now I’m the guy that every woman wants to bring home to mom—except for the woman I’m fake dating and falling in love with for real.

Each book in the Last Man Standing series is STANDALONE:
* Mama’s Boy
* Neanderthal
* Mansplainer

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Review – Last Round by Charity Ferrell

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Last Round; Twisted Fox #5 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: September 21, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Small Town Romance/Friends-to-Lovers/Contemporary Romance

Author: Charity Ferrell

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



The beginning of Charity’s books always make me laugh, smile, and basically spit out whatever beverage I happen to be drinking at the time (okay, it’s usually wine). Aside from knowing better to drink while reading her books, Charity’s fantastically witted writing is one of the fabulous reasons I fell in love with her books and will continue to read them for years to come.

Silas and Lola are quick witted and unfortunatly friend-zoned one another almost upon meeting. However, it makes for tons of sassy banter and quirky comebacks I absolutely adore, plus it allowed for years of pent of chemistry that made this book angsty while we waited for them to practically all but combust in flames of passion.

Last Round is sadly the final book in this series, but overall it was a huge win for Charity Ferrell. The story was beautifully woven together with a great timeline that was not only a tribute to the series, but allowed each couple from Twisted Fox their own unique and special time to shine. If you’ve been here from the beginning it’s no secret that Silas and Lola have been friends, but this book takes us on the journey of how that all takes place, right alongside how each one of their friends also fell in love.

For all the fun Charity puts in her books, and I’ll circle back to why I fell in love with her writing to begin with, there is a lot of fun…she also never forgets to include all the feels and hard times that truly bring her couples together. Last Round wraps up a great series and I look forward to the next journey.


What’s the best way to get back at your cheating ex?
Give every guy who hits on you his number.

That’s what I did when I met Silas.
Little did I know, we’d see each other again.

One run-in leads to another.
One fake date leads to a friendship.
That friendship leads to feelings.
But everyone knows feelings and friendship doesn’t mix.

We’re too much the same.
It’d never work out.
That changes when one of us asks for more.

Everything falls apart.
There’s no going back.
Can our friendship survive … or will love destroy us?

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