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Review – Mr. Park Lane by Louise Bay

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Mr. Park Lane; The Mister Series #4
(An interconnected standalone)

Publication Date: September 28, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Friends-to-Lovers/Contemporary Romance

Author: Louise Bay

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Light and sweet and exactly what I needed in between some heavy reading. Mr. Park Lane also really made me crave cake, lots and lots of cake.

Joshua and Hartford are two lifelong family friends who reconnect after a decade and form a friendship of their own. Neither are looking to upset their lives and actually enjoy where they are at, but there is an unspeakable attraction and connection that they both enjoy. The more time they spend together, and the more cake they eat together, the connection grows and being apart is harder and harder.

The drama is low key, but like any good romance, there is still some drama within the story. Don’t worry, the story is still light and fun and centrally focused on Joshua and Hartford circling each other.


I haven’t seen him in over a decade, but Joshua Luca can still get to me. And I hate it.

At twenty-nine, I’m a doctor and I’ve travelled the world, but just the thought of him has me sliding my sweaty palms down my jeans and wishing I could steady my racing heartbeat.

Joshua was an almost obsession until, at seventeen, he cost me my future. In one night, I grew up and let go of my silly crush.

My infatuation for Joshua is dead and buried. Forever.

It doesn’t matter that he’s my new flat mate.

Or that he still has that same sexy smile.

I barely notice how that, despite his billions, he’s the kindest man I know.

Or that when he touches me, a thousand tiny fireworks explode all over my body.

I’m completely over Joshua Luca.

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