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Review – Canary by Tijan

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(A standalone)

Publication Date: October 4, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Antihero/Mafia/Dark Romance

Author: Tijan

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Tijan has blown me away with Canary!! Amazing drama, fantastic development, a well thought out story arc that captured my attention from the very first sentence and kept it until the very last page.

I was completely drawn into this new world by Tijan. I was fascinated by the characters and digging through the layers of plot development that even as the body count was piling up I was still rooting for the romance between these dark characters. Fantastic!!

Girl/Carrie/Ash – The name of the leading heroine continually changed, and I don’t want to go into the depth of why that is important, but her story behind how she ends up working with the mafia is fascinating in itself. The Canary, as she becomes known, works for Raize, or more like she was won in a poker game because of her unique skill set. She is a human lie detector, a valuable asset in the mafia world when time is short, and there are people to kill. That is Raize’s speciality, which is why he sought her out, but over time their connection grows, something neither one of them expected.

It’s hot, insatiable, passionate and oh yeah…hot!! It could be the fact that they are continually running for their lives and could die at moments notice that makes them never keep their hands off each other, but whatever it is, their intensity is there and adds to the story tenfold.

Raize, himself, has quite the backstory, aside from being a hired mafia killer. Everywhere these two go they draw attention to themselves. It’s not only their good looks, but also their dangerous energy. Will they ever escape the targets on their backs and bigger question is, do they want to?

Canary is fantastic and another wonderful addition for Tijan’s mafia collection!


“Canaries sing to save lives. I sing and people die.”

We were on the front lines in that world, the mafia world.

There was nothing soft or glamorous about it.

Who you were before no longer mattered. Names didn’t exist.

I joined anyway. I had no other choice because they took my sister.

Join. Find her. Try and make it out alive.

Then he won me in a poker game.

I hated him instantly, thinking he was like my other bosses before him.

He wasn’t. He was worse.

He wasn’t just cold. He was dead inside.

It didn’t matter that he was gorgeous.

He was the most lethal thing I’d ever met.

He was also the only person who could keep me alive, if he didn’t kill me himself.

A/N This is a 102k mafia/cartel standalone.
This is the most violent book Tijan has ever written.
Trigger warning: references to sexual violence

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