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Review – Taken by K. K. Allen

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Taken; Enchanted Gods #3 
(#3 within a trilogy)

Publication Date: October 5, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Trilogy/Fantasy/New Adult Romance

Author: KK Allen

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Epic! Adventurous, full of love and excitement. It is everything that a fantasy series needs and K.K. Allen delivered.

I was heartbroken, along with Kat, at the end of Fated when Johnny left. As we discovered he was not only a missing piece in helping to fight evil in Apollo Beach, but he took Kat’s heart with him as well. Their love story was just beginning, but his need to avenge his parent’s death overrode his need to stay. Crushed didn’t even begin to describe how I felt, but their journey wasn’t over, thankfully.

Taken picks up almost a year and a half later and as time has moved on, Kat’s heart is still mending from the events that occurred almost eighteen months ago. There has been no contact from Johnny, Apollo Beach has been peaceful, Kat is making amends with her father, and she has finally decided to move on with her life. Can we say love triangle once more, but aside from that, peaceful times is the perfect moment for chaos to erupt in Kat’s life, especially when she’s feeling comfortable.

Taken weaves back and forth through the present and the past year and a half to fill in gaps of not only what Kat has been up to, but also where Johnny has been. Yes! We finally get a look inside of the mysterious man that has pulled at the heartstrings of Kat for the past few years. His part of the story always took my breath away. Loved every second inside of his head.

Even as Johnny and Kat work on mending their broken relationship, they work even harder at finding a solution to stopping Erebus, even if it means sacrificing herself to do it. Kat has come a long way from the girl we met in Cursed. 

This book is full of suspenseful adventure, destined romance, lots of magic, and uncovered secrets. It’s an epic journey that shouldn’t be missed. This trilogy should be read in order and not as a standalone.


USA Today Bestselling Author, K.K. Allen, continues to take readers on a deeply romantic and extraordinarily suspenseful adventure in a contemporary fantasy series.

In the epic conclusion of the Enchanted Gods trilogy, Katrina Summer faces the biggest threat of all…The final book releases on October 5th!

Kat is finally picking up the pieces of her broken heart and moving on when all goes awry at the Arctic Masquerade Ball. Everything Kat has worked for is shattered when she lands in the arms of someone who will divert her path—and her heart—once again.

To top it off, Erebus is back in Apollo Beach, and his latest act of evil strikes close to the heart. Now, there’s no turning back.

Erebus has his sights set on the mysterious energy source, and he needs Kat’s help to retrieve it.

Kat will do anything to keep her friends safe—even if that means surrendering herself to the God of Darkness.

Taken is Book 3 in the all-new ENCHANTED GODS series. Read them in order:


Available in Kindle Unlimited for a limited time.

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TAKEN is Book 3 in the all-new ENCHANTED GODS series. CURSED and FATED must be read first.

Cursed (Enchanted Gods Book 1) Fated (Enchanted Gods, #2) Taken

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