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Review – Mafia Queen by CD Reiss

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Mafia Queen; The DiLustro Arrangement #3 
(#3 within a trilogy)

Publication Date: October 12, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Trilogy/Arranged Marriage/Dark/Mafia Romance

Author: CD Reiss

Review Rating: 4.5 Gold Stars



The final installment in the Mafia-DiLustro trilogy and war is on the horizon.

While a war has been a long time time coming, even though once upon a time Santino and Damiano were friends who grew up together, it was ancient artifact that came between them and poisoned what they had, spilling blood and fracturing their partnership.

There is a lot to unbox as this final book comes to a close. War, deception, grief, history, family dynamics, and an artifact that no one has actually seen, yet. Buckle up and hang on for quite a ride.

This last book was up and down with suspense and then moments of emotion. It was quite a rollercoaster. Violetta finds her sense of power after feeling powerless for quite a bit of the series. Where she had lost a lot of her fight, she found her inner backbone and earned her title of Mafia Queen. I understand sometimes a person has to lose everything to finally come back, but I was happy to see she found her spirit, Santino is a powerful man and needs a powerful woman by his side.

While Santino has fascinated me from the beginning, his single minded focus on obtaining the crown was also frustrating. I did enjoy seeing him fall more in love with his wife and open up a new side of himself in this last book. He is by no means a soft man, but for his wife he found the meaning of love and would certainly do anything for his queen.

This is a dark work with all the scruples of kill or be killed.  4.5 star read.


What doesn’t kill you makes you a killer.

Santino DiLustro changed me. You can’t spend time in bed with the devil without getting addicted to the heat.
Before him, I was a girl. Innocent and weak.
Now, I’m a woman. A fighter. A killer.
I’ll burn the world down for him. Shatter the sky. But I will not break.
No. I will rise up and destroy whoever dares to threaten what my king has built, because I am forever his queen.

October 12, 2021 The DiLustro Arrangement

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