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Review – Forcing You Away by Kennedy Fox

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Forcing You Away; Lawton Ridge Duet, Archer and Everleigh #1 
(#1 in a duet, #5 within a series)

Publication Date: October 19, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Duet/Roommate/Small Town/Contemporary Romance

Author: Kennedy Fox

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Fire! Deep fried southern sassy fire!! Everleigh and Archer bring the sweetness and sassiness to Lawton Ridge and it is perfection!

I’ve been eagerly awaiting for Everleigh’s story and the first half of this duet did not disappoint! Everleigh is sassy, big hearted, and befriends everyone who steps in her path. Of course she was going to help her Archer, her brother’s friend when he needed a place to stay. Not only is that southern hospitality, but it is a very Everleigh thing to do. The one thing she was not going to do was stop flirting with the gorgeous hunk of a man, Archer. Flirting was in Everleigh’s genetic makeup and she didn’t know how to turn it off, even if it did infuriate her brother.

Archer spent the last five years of his life in prison and he needed a fresh start. Tyler knew what it was like having been there himself, so when Archer was released Tyler offered him a job and a place to stay. The open arms of Tyler’s family and friends, well, Archer had never really had that before and even though Everleigh was temptation herself, he also knew he didn’t want to mess up and throw away his second chance at a new life. However, as each day progressed, living with the vivacious woman got harder and harder, and remaining friends was down right near impossible.

I love the small town community, but this story in particular really brings home that sweetness of living in a small town aspect. It’s probably Everleigh’s view of living there more than anything. While she loves it, she does point out how hard dating can be or even shopping, but her spirit of loving everyone the joy she brings to every event is super infectious. It’s truly what Archer needed or what any of the guys needed after being released from prison. She is really fun to read.

Archer is also truly sweet. For a man who was locked away for five years, he didn’t let it ruin his soul. He’s respectful, courteous, and just a nice guy. He could have let what happened sour him, but instead he’s looking to be a better man. I really like that and want the two of them to work out, they both deserve it.

This is a duet and this book does have a small dose of intrigue that leaves us on a big cliffhanger. Their pasts have the potential to harm both of them, but which one will really do it, that is the mystery…I can hardly wait to find out because these two need their joy.

As each book has built within this series, all of the characters linked together and their stories all connected, but by far Archer and Everleigh’s connection, sizzling chemistry, and overall story this book can be read as a standalone. Plus, I want to mention they are also my favorite couple by a landslide.


As I search for a fresh start, a friend convinces me to move to his small town. Considering I don’t have a place to live, his little sister offers me her spare room.

She’s every man’s dream—witty, down to earth, and gorgeous as hell—too bad she’s off-limits. Unspoken words and stolen glances have me eager to please her in all the forbidden ways. My broken past makes it hard to open up, however, she inspires me to face my demons and be the man she deserves.

I shouldn’t fantasize about my roommate, but it’s impossible when Everleigh’s sleeping next to me—her lips whispering my name.

FORCING YOU AWAY is book 1 in the Archer & Everleigh duet and must be read first.

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WANTING YOU CLOSE is book 2 in the Archer & Everleigh duet

Wanting You Close (Archer & Everleigh, #2; Ex-Con Duet Series, #6)

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