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Review – Wild Love by Rebecca Jenshak

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Wild Love; Campus Nights #4 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: October 26, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Roommates/Friends to Lovers/New Adult/Sports Romance

Author: Rebecca Jenshak

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Wildly in love with this last book of the series! Of course Rebecca would save the best for last, it is AMAZING!!!

Johnny Maverick will bring the smile to your face and it won’t come off. He’s that guy you want to be friends with. You just feel good around him. He is eternally sunshine, happy-go-lucky, nice, flirtatious, doesn’t take life too seriously, but obviously works hard because…hello he’s been drafted to the NHL. Yes, even when he messes up, I still love him, because his apologies are over the top amazing and he knows he screwed up. Can Johnny be real? I need Johnny in my life.

Dakota is also the bombdiggity! She is the girlfriend you want to party with, have by your side when you need a friend to hold your hand, someone to have dogsit, she is reliable, trustworthy, fun and loves with her whole heart too. These two together of course were going to be life changing, because they are both great people, but where Kota is focused, Mav is a bit more chaotic. It should even each other other, but that chaos freaks Dakota out. She doesn’t want to give Johnny her heart only to have him toss it away. Not that he would do it carelessly, but she just didn’t want to be a one night conquest with him. To her their friendship was more important.

Johnny is so playful in nature, he doesn’t EVER let down his emotional shield so when things become real, he doesn’t know how to let anything not be funny or a joke. He’s never had a stable relationship in his life, his parents were never around to show him what one looked like. He may lose Dakota before he ever has her.

This book truly has everything. Excellent tropes that all blend seamlessly together. Emotional moments (pink couch) that brought tears to my eyes, laughs, smexy times, more laughs, hot guys, did I mention laughs? So much love and friendship, Wild Love was the perfect way to end an era at Valley U.


Johnny Maverick is a lot of things.
Great hockey player
Loyal friend
Rule breaker
Always up for a good time
And now, he’s my new roommate.

It’s only for a few weeks while I intern for the Wildcats – his new NHL team.
And there are some pros to living with my hot and ridiculous friend (or is that ridiculously hot?).
He’s fun and unexpectedly sweet, and he reminds me not to take myself too seriously.
I had no intention of breaking the one rule given to me on my first day on the job: no sleeping with the players.
And if I had, I never dreamed that player would be Johnny Maverick.

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