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Review – Sever by Caitlyn Dare


Sever; Savage Falls Sinners MC #4 
(#4 within a series)

Publication Date: October 28, 2021

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Reverse Harem/Dark/MC Romance

Author: Caitlyn Dare

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Will Sadie, Wes, Rhett, and Dane finally get their HEA? We’ve reached the final book in this series and this book is extra hot and filled with lots of action.

Each book has been hotter, but holy hotness!! Can I take a moment to be jealous of Sadie…cause these three hot guys…oh yes!! As for the ongoing plot, this group has already been through a lot and it’s not over quite yet.

Sadie is in a constant state of turmoil over her guys. She’s never been one to back down from a challenge, but the last few weeks she’s been challenged more than she has in her entire life. Now she just wants to spend time with her men, actually enjoying everything that life has to offer, but life isn’t done throwing roadblocks in her way.

Wes has made huge changes in his life since this series began. Once part of the football team, his life on a totally different path, but the day he decided to be with Sadie was actually the day he discovered his happiness. While Sadie is the glue in their group, Wes is the rock. His steady foundation of faith in her and Dane and Rhett is what has kept them all going through everything, but he’s going to need their steadiness to get through what’s coming.

Rhett…oh, Rhett…That man has come sooooo far. I never thought he would change like he did, but my panties sizzle every time he’s on the page. He’s savage and primal and just so delicious. He may not be ready to “play house”, but he is protective daddy of the group.

Dane is goofy, full of sensuality, and still demanding in the bedroom. All the sides of Dane are fantastic and I love how he rounds out the group. Each man fits all the sides of Sadie and Sadie fits each man perfectly. While Dane and Rhett are best friends and have a bond through the Sinners, Dane and Wes have formed a different bond and complete each other in a different way. The group all get along and love each other to make it work and at the end of the day that is what is most important.

Sad to see this series come to an end, but what a ride it has been.


The final installment in the dark romance series from the bestselling author of the Rebels at Sterling Prep series…

Loving one guy is hard.

Loving three… well, it should be more than a girl like Sadie Ray Dalton can handle.

But Sadie knows where she belongs, and it’s right beside her guys.

Life in Savage Falls is finally calming down. Dane is preparing to step up and take over the Red Ridge Sinners, Rhett is accepting an unconventional life with his princess, and Wes is adapting to his new role within the club.

But another enemy is circling—one who’s closer than they realize.

One who won’t stop until the Sinners MC are on their knees.

Sadie and her guys all want their happily-ever-after, but they should know by now, nothing in life comes easy.

One last time, they’re going to have to fight for it.

And hope everyone makes it out alive.

SEVER is a full length dark enemies-to-lovers/bully romance. This is a why choose novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. It is book four in the series and must be read after SAVAGE, SACRIFICE, and SACRED.

Savage (Savage Falls Sinners MC #1) Sacrifice (Savage Falls Sinners MC, #2) Sacred: A High School Bully...

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