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Review – Sinning Like Hell by Trilina Pucci

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Sinning Like Hell; St. Simeon Prep #2 
(#2 within a duet)

Publication Date: November 4, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Duet/Mafia/Dark/New Adult/Star Crossed Lovers Romance

Author: Trilina Pucci

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



What an epic, sad, and tumultuous journey. A love story that is written in the stars between two lovers with a soul deep connection beyond explanation.

Of course I have to mention Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This classic tale is most known for the tragic death of two star crossed lovers, but really it’s the entire story leading up to how these two fated lovers came to that scene that truly matters to true romantics. Romeo and Juliet’s love is beyond soul deep. It’s that kind of love that defies the odds and gripped them so hard, they felt physical pain being separated from one another. It’s like two souls finding one home and only in death would they part.

Sutton and Calder have this kind of love. It’s unexplainable, but to them it makes perfect sense. From the first time they meet something clicks into place. Even when they know the worlds they come from won’t accept them and they should let each other go, they physically can’t. It’s beautiful and Trilina captures it on paper unlike anything I’ve read before. Their journey was truly captivating.

Sinning Like Hell picks up where we left off with Just Like Heaven. Now we are at the point where Calder and Sutton have a huge uphill battle to face before they would be able to reach an HEA and its heartbreaking. I needed so many tissues.

Like Romeo and Juliet, Sutton and Calder are tortured to get back to one another. This story is emotional over and over again. Prepare for lots of tears and high, heart-pulling angst. My heart was pounding throughout the entire story and I loved the beauty wrapped up in the tragedy of this book.


USA TODAY bestselling author, Trilina Pucci brings you the finale of Sutton and Calder’s heart wrenching love story.

We’ll never run away.
There won’t be stars or a blue sky filled with heaven staring down on us.
All we have is death and destruction.
A life sentence, forced to survive within the absence of our love.
Until five years later.

“Death isn’t waiting for Calder—it’s listening for his instruction.”

Sinning like Hell is the continuation of book one, Just like Heaven. Book one must be read to understand book two.

Just Like Heaven (St. Simeon Prep, #1) Sinning Like Hell (St. Simeon Prep, #2)

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