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Review – Head Over Hooves by Erin Nicholas

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Head Over Hooves; Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild #5 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: November 16, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Holiday/Small Town Romance/Romantic Comedy

Author: Erin Nicholas

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Sweet, funny and with the right splash of naughty sprinkled in for holiday perfection!

Erin, Erin, Erin…will I ever think of chocolate sauce, candy cane stockings, and a santa hat without blushing? Drew F-ing Ryan is the quenticental nice guy with a scrumptious naughty side and I’m adding him to my wish list this Christmas!!

Drew has finally found his perfect match (big, happy sigh from Oliver), but what does that mean when she lives in Louisiana and his life is in Iowa?

Drew Ryan is from the tiny town of Appleby, IA and he is known to everyone as the nice guy. The guy to lend a helping hand. The guy who repeatedly gets friendzoned, even by Ollie’s Piper (Okay, I’ll let that go).

Drew is visiting his friends in Louisiana with a couple of his reindeer for the Christmas petting zoo and what happens to catch his eye barely moments when he steps into town?  A gorgeous elf, in a body hugging dress with a head of green hair and a potty mouth to boot. Drew is intrigued more than he cares to admit, especially when they share a kiss barely moments after meeting Rory.

Rory is a bit of a hot mess, a magnet for a man like Drew who always finds himself lending a helping hand, but Rory is a woman who likes to take care of things herself. While Drew’s not there to find love, or add to his list of friendzoned ladies. He’s there for a vacation, deliver his reindeer, and perhaps have a hot fling. He doesn’t need to engage with a girl like Rory, but something definitely draws him back over and over again. Will she allow Drew to help or just scratch that holiday itch? Don’t start packing his bags quite yet, Ollie, LOL!

All of the Laundry family gather round for this adorable holiday treat, with the perfect naughty moments. Once again Erin Nicholas gave readers what we needed to connect with family and enjoy a bit of holiday magic.


You know in movies where the big city girl lands in a small town for the holidays and falls for the hunky guy who saves Christmas?
This isn’t that story.
But this guy does look fantastic in flannel. And out of flannel…

Finding true love with his one-and-only soul mate? Drew Ryan’s given up on that.

But a hot holiday fling in Louisiana, far from his responsibilities and good guy image back home, is now on the top of his list for Santa.

So when he’s knocked on his ass—literally—by a Christmas elf who’s stealing a sleigh full of gifts and using his reindeer to commit the crime, he definitely doesn’t expect to fall head over heels.

This holiday couldn’t get any worse for Rory Robins.

First, her hair wasn’t supposed to turn green. It’s not even Christmas green.

And the elf costume wasn’t supposed to be two sizes too small.

And her con-man father wasn’t supposed to show up and go all real-life-Grinch on her beloved new hometown.

And she definitely wasn’t supposed to run into anyone while trying to fix the problem. Especially not the hunky guy who already seems too good to be true.

But he does have a way of making her “cocoa” even hotter and a whole lot sweeter…

Still, he lives in Iowa. The only good thing her father ever gave her was a healthy distrust of men who are never around. She’s not doing a long-distance thing.

This little fling is only going to last as long as the temporary color of her hair.

Only nothing seems to be fading. And she might be asking Santa for just one more thing…

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