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Review – Wicked Trials by Elena Lawson

Wicked Trials; Boys of Briar Hall #2 
(#2 within a series)

Publication Date: November 19, 2021

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Reverse Harem/Gang/Dark Romance

Author: Elena Lawson

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Wicked Trials had my heart racing, my mind whirling, and my blood pumping the entire time.

This is book two and it begins right where Crooked Crows left off. This book never pauses. Not once. And it made me wonder how the four of them are still standing because my heart never stopped racing while I was reading it.

I hate phrasing it with, this is not your typical reverse harem, because yes, Ava Jane does have a relationship with each of the main characters making this very much a reverse harem, but it is different in how she forms those relationships and in the time she spends with each person. Rook, Grey and Corvus didn’t set out looking for a girl to share, it just sort of happened organically along the dark path they are all on.

While they are all attracted to Ava Jane, they are also all pulled to something different that lives within her too. It is truly what makes this book interesting, her individual relationships with each guy. They each get time with her, but aren’t possessive about it with each other. Ava Jane has such a strong pull to each one, as much as she tries to resist it, but it’s a pull that is unique and individual as they each are. I really like that about this story.

While the band of brothers between Rook, Grey, and Corvus, is strong their broken backgrounds are also what binds them to to Ava Jane. She is also what could ultimately destroy them. She may be currently going through the trials to become one of them, but it was never her ultimate goal. Ava Jane is a power of her own and each guy, as they spend more time with her, recognize the bada$$ that is Ava Jane. She is no damsel in distress waiting to be rescued, she will rescue herself and either kill anyone near her or perhaps save their sorry butt as well. It’s a toss up when she has her knives strapped to her.

We learn a lot more about Rook, Grey, and Corvus, their backstories along with some of the mystery surrounding what they currently do. This also means Ava Jane risks getting more attached to these three as well. Something she didn’t want to do when she agreed to taking down the organization. Ultimately, the big question becomes, will she make it out alive and with her heart still in tact?

Wicked Trials ends on a cliffhanger and I can hardly wait to find out what’s in store for everyone.


This wasn’t supposed to happen. I was supposed to glide through senior year unnoticed and ride into the sunset on the back of my aunt’s inflated bank account. I was supposed to be in control.

Now they are.

The trials will last 60 days. They can happen anytime, anyplace, and anyone or anything is fair game. I won’t see them coming. I’ll need to be ready at all times. Prepared to fight, to steal, to save, and to kill at Diesel St. Crow’s command.

While I sit on standby, he’s ordered his sons to keep an eye on me, and they’ve become my own personal wardens.

Corvus, Rook, and Grey. Their watchful stares will make destroying them from the inside harder than I planned for.

But as truths are dragged out of the shadows and new dangers emerge, I may be forced to accept that they are more than armed roadblocks in my path. They might also be my only hope of survival.

Wicked Trials is a full-length dark enemies-to-lovers reverse harem romance, meaning the main character will have more than one love interest. It is book two in the Boys of Briar Hall series and should be read after Crooked Crows.

Warning: This is a dark gang romance. It contains foul language, explicit sexual content, graphic depictions of gang violence, dubcon, and jealous/possessive themes. Recommended for readers aged eighteen and up. Please read responsibly.

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