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Review – Best Kept Secret by Skye Warren

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Best Kept Secret; Rochester Trilogy #3 
(#3 within a trilogy)

Publication Date: November 16, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Trilogy/Intrigue/Age Gap/Contemporary Romance

Author: Skye Warren

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



The final book in the Rochester trilogy and it’s full of intrigue and passion.

Emily Rochester is back from the dead and what a tangled web she weaves. Is Emily there for the right reasons? While she says wants Jane’s help in getting her daughter, Paige, is she really there to complete her family by also getting Beau?

Jane has grown up with a life of disappointment. She won’t let Paige down in her time of need, but she also realizes that giving up Beau might be what everyone needs. Jane has grown so strong since the beginning of the trilogy. While she recognizes that she’s not the same girl, she’s also not ready to come between Paige and the best outcome for her future.

Who will Beau choose, his long lost, who he thought was dead love or the new girl who has swooped in and recently stolen his heart? Also….where has Emily been and why?

This trilogy needs to be read in order to make the most sense so please start from the beginning.


The secrets haunting Beau Rochester come alive.

He doesn’t deserve happiness, but he holds it in his hands. A woman he loves. A child. The past threatens to rip them away. He risks losing them forever.

Jane Mendoza is determined to protect the people she loves from every threat–the mysterious arsonist, the corrupt police force. The darkest danger comes from a place she never expects.

She risks more than her newfound family. She risks her life.

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The Rochester trilogy by Skye Warren needs to be read in order

Private Property (Rochester Trilogy, #1) by Skye Warren Strict Confidence (Rochester Trilogy #2) by Skye Warren Best Kept Secret (Rochester Trilogy #3) by Skye Warren

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Review – Hunter’s Hope by Alyssa Day

Hunter’s Hope; Vampire Motorcycle Club #2 
(#2 within a series)

Publication Date: November 30, 2021

Genre/Tropes: MC/Paranormal Romance

Author: Alyssa Day

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Full of paranormal beings, humor, and a love for animals.

Hunter Evans is an everyday hero. He was a firefighter until the night he died, only to be reborn as a vampire. Hunter never loses that instinct to want to save others. Even though he now thirsts for blood, he refuses to give in to hurting others to get it, even when that thirst wants to over take him. Hunter is sweet and adorably cute in learning to be a new vampire. He’s full of questions and while he’s grateful for another chance at life, he also struggles with the morality of it all. The person who helps him with it all isn’t another vampire, but a ghost whisperer named, Alice.

Alice Darlington originally mistakes Hunter for a ghost when she firsts meets him, given his recently dead status. She has a gift for talking to ghosts and animals, which is why her first job is running an animal shelter and she only takes appointments for handling ghost problems. So when Hunter comes back to see her…well it’s all very cute because it’s not an appointment day.

These two are adorable in their awkwardness. Hunter is not only figuring out how to be a new vampire, he’s also not had a ton of dating experience since he is the nice guy who always gets friendzoned. Alice is also in the same boat with zero dating experience, so to watch them figure it out together makes this romance extra fun.

On top of the paranormal aspect, there is the continuing mystery of who is trying to kill the paranormals and with that there is a demon sent to spy on them who ends up being both comic relief and a source of comfort.

I like that these books continue to build upon each one, so while I was disappointed that Alice’s powers were only scratched at the surface, I’m hoping they will be flushed out in later books, as Ryan’s powers have grown more since book one and we got a lot more of the werewolves in this book as well.


Hunter Evans risked his life again and again as a firefighter until the night he died saving a child…only to be reborn as a vampire. Now the man who lived his life as the quintessential “nice guy” must find a way to conquer the deadly urges that threaten to turn him feral. When his own actions put a beautiful woman in danger, he vows to protect her…even from himself.

Alice Darlington has a secret of her own: she sees ghosts. She thought she’d done a good job of keeping it under wraps—until now. A terrible threat from her past is hunting her down in order to use her power for dark purposes. Now she’s on the run and doesn’t know who to trust or where to go.

When Hunter and Alice team up to battle the dangers coming at them from all sides, they’re forced to rely on each other. But Hunter doesn’t know how long he can keep the beast inside him away from the woman it craves…

The Vampire Motorcycle Club series is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book #1 Bane’s Choice
Book #2 Hunter’s Hope

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