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Review – First Kiss Before Frost by Jennifer Bernard

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First Kiss Before Frost; Lost Harbor, Alaska #11 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: November 23, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Small Town/Contemporary Romance

Author: Jennifer Bernard

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Super cute, funny, and full of small town charm with a touch of mystery.

Lulu Spencer-Bennington is super quirky and totally owns her personality and oddities. It’s her adorable personality that Tristan Del Ray finds so charming when he finds Lulu stowed away on his ship. This couple had me laughing from the very beginning and the story was delightful from beginning to end.

Lulu escaped from an anchored cruise ship birthed in Lost Harbor and hid on Tristan’s ship for protection. Lulu’s quirky personality made Tristan laugh, something he hadn’t done in quite some time, which is one reason he felt protective of her, but that was just one reason in a very long list regarding Lulu.

Tristan was barely back to fishing after having brain surgery and he still was trying to get his footing on his life. Tristan is well liked and has always been personable, but after his surgery he feels…sometimes not like himself. Lulu makes him laugh and she actually needs his help and even though she may be a stranger he feels compelled to help her and purposeful for the first time since his injury.

First Kiss Before Frost is so much more than just two people falling in love, it’s a story about trusting yourself and finding your place even if you think you may be a little lost. Lulu and Tristan share laughter and trust in this adventure through Lust…I mean Lost Harbor and I was laughing through a lot of tears right along with them. It’s the perfect addition to one of my favorite small town series.


A sexy standalone in the fan-favorite Lost Harbor, Alaska series

After a heartbreaking loss, Lulu Spencer-Bennington is on a mission to live her life to the fullest. Dancing her way around the world on a cruise ship is a great start. Hiding in a small Alaska town, staying off a criminal’s radar, probably wasn’t what her beloved mum had in mind. Fortunately, she’s stumbled across a sexy fisherman willing to help. So maybe he doesn’t quite know what he’s in for…but Lulu’s hoping to be out of town before he finds out.

Tristan Del Rey has always been a natural leader—but a recent fishing accident has sent his confidence reeling. He’s no hero, no matter what his fellow Lost Harbor fishermen think. Even so, he can’t turn away the funny, feisty dancer he finds on his boat. He’s determined to protect her no matter what it costs him. As for anything more personal, the best he can offer is some temporary fun. That doesn’t stop the luscious, long-legged Lulu from high-kicking him right in the heart.

Between a dangerous enemy, family drama and the fast-approaching winter, Tristan and Lulu may find their hearts’ desires where they least expect it…starting with a first kiss before frost.

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