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Review – Delicate Revenge by Stasia Black and Alta Hensley

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Delicate Revenge; Breaking Belles #6 
(#6 within a series)

Publication Date: December 13, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Enemies-to-Lovers/Secret Society/Dark Romance

Author: Alta Hensley and Stasia Black

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Deliciously decadent and so sinful. Delicate Revenge is dripping in the smolder with this new couple trying to join the ranks of The Order of the Silver Ghost.

Emmett Washington comes from new money and he’s always had this need to prove himself among his friends and peers since his family moved to Darlington. The drive to be perfect and have the best runs deep. So winning the trials is all that matters to him, to gain the respect of the Elders, is another move in his life of perfection. To make that happen he needs the perfect partner and when his eyes land on Bellamy Carmichael, the queen bee who attended Darlington Prep with Emmett he knows he’s found the perfect belle.

What secrets is she hiding and how has Bellamy landed in the position of a belle? Emmett isn’t sure he wants to know. He will use her to his own purpose to gain what he needs, so why should he care, until he begins to.

This series has only gotten better and better with each book. This couple and their dynamic together was electric from the very beginning.Delicate Revenge had an underlying Dom/sub tone, which was delicious between the two of them and made the storyline even more dynamic.


Bellamy Carmichael was Darlington’s princess all through high school. Perfect, popular, too gorgeous for words—and unfortunately, she knew it.

I’d had a crush on her ever since arriving at Darlington Prep, only she never looked my way except for an occasional cruel put down. I was a scrawny kid, nerdy, and worst of all, my family was new money.

But now, a decade later, the tables have turned. I’m the one the Elders of the Secret Society are courting. During my Initiation, I’ll be given more leeway than any other before me. After all, my family measures their wealth in hundreds of billions.

And Bellamy Carmichael has somehow found herself as a Belle of the Midnight Ball. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Unlike my brothers, I’m going to enjoy my initiation and breaking my belle.

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