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Review – The End of Us by Kennedy Fox

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The End of Us; Love in Isolation #3
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: December 14, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Age-Gap/Contemporary Romance

Author: Kennedy Fox

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



I was smitten and completely charmed by this couple as I fell into this forbidden love story.

The End of Us speed by as I turned page after page. I will admit, at first,  I wondered how a spoiled brat heiress could charm a toughened, trained bodyguard, but as the pages flew by I was enraptured by this duo.

Piper is a billionaire heiress, but also an influencer all on her own rights. When a stalker threatens her life she is taken to an undisclosed location along with bodyguard and unplugs from all social media, isolating the two of them from the outside world.

The time in isolation is the perfect opportunity for Piper to unplug from her public persona, become more of herself than she has in, probably forever, and really get to know the man who has been guarding her closely for months. Her older, sexy-as-sin, bodyguard, Tristan.

Tristan likes the real woman vs. the fake social persona Piper portrays for her fans and the more time they spend in isolation the more he enjoys spending time with her, but he shouldn’t cross boundaries with her. Not only is her employed by her father, but he’s older and jaded by his experiences. Piper is a shiny beacon he shouldn’t want, but the more time he spends with her it gets harder to stay away.

The heart of this story blew me away and knowing how personal it was to the authors pulled all my heartstrings. The End of Us is a total joy to read. Full of heart, steam, and a bit of suspense.

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What happens when a stalker threatens your life and you’re flown to a private beach house with your sexy new bodyguard? You break the rules and hope he falls madly in love with you.

The End of Us is an age gap, bodyguard, forced proximity standalone romance.

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