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Review – Tangled Up by Tia Louise

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Tangled Up; Bayside Heroes #4 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: December 27, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Medical/Criminal/Second Chance Romance

Author: Tia Louise

Review Rating: 4 Gold Stars



I love Tia Louise books and I’ve been loving this Bayside series, but I admit, Tangled Up was harder to sink my teeth into than the other books in this amazing series.

While I love the premise of a second chance romance (since I’m a product of that in my own personal life, I honestly love this trope), this couple ran hot and cold and I wanted to shove their faces in what they didn’t want to admit so we could stay on the hot side of the story. There were a lot of great moments (don’t get me wrong) I just lost the spark in the in-between moments.

Beck and Carly were a teenage couple that ran into trouble back when they were in college. Beck went on to become a doctor and Carly is a criminal psychologist, both with amazing careers by the way, but neither have really moved on from their great loves (which happen to be each other). When they both are back in their hometown, for reasons, after seven years apart, it seems as if fate has brought them together to reconcile, but it takes a whole lot more than a little hot reconciliation to make up for what happened in the past.

Can these two make up for what they lost before they lose a chance at a future again?

A lot of this story takes place back in their hometown of Eden and there are a lot of new secondary characters that pop up in this small coastal town where Beck and Carly grew up that sound very interesting for future books. While this particular book didn’t hit home with me, I still adore Tia Louise and her writing and this interconnected series has been a huge win overall.


He’s broody, he’s driven, and he’s coming back to claim what’s his.

“First, do no harm…”
It’s the start of my oath as a doctor, and breaking that oath is how I began my career.
Only I didn’t just do harm, I watched a man die right in front of me.
And not just any man—a man I hated.

I thought his death would bring me peace, but it haunts me to this day.
Every close call sparks memories of what I did to him, to me, to her.
I have to go back and face what I’ve done or end my career.

Seeing her hits me harder than the regret.
She’s still so beautiful with long, dark hair, bright amber eyes, luscious curves.
She still dominates my heart, my mind, my bed.
But she’s different now—stronger, bolder, unafraid.

We’re a mess, tangled up in a web I created.
But I’m determined to heal these wounds, to fix this break.
One thing is certain, I won’t say goodbye to her again.

(A STAND-ALONE “Bayside Heroes” romance. Small-town, second-chance doctor romance with a touch of suspense. No cheating. No cliffhanger.)

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Review – What Love Looks Like by Nikki Ash

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What Love Looks Like 
(A standalone)

Publication Date: December 29, 2021

Genre/Tropes: Second Chance at Love/Single Parents/Vacation Romance

Author: Nikki Ash

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



This kind of book makes it easy to fall in love with love, second chances, and romance in general.

Hudson and Sawyer are two single parents just living their lives, making their children happy, but without a love connection to anyone else. Long days and longer nights make for a lonely life, but when these two meet one another while on vacation, it’s like the stars aline and for the first time in a very long time that loneliness takes a back seat and they find a connection with each other.

While it’s easy to melt into the groove of being together while there are no responsibilities, that time is short and real life is coming in fast. They both have jobs, houses, their children to think about as the week comes closer to ending, so while the fantasy is nice, there is no way their time outside vacation can be anything but a beautiful memory.

Hudson’s loneliness is so palpitale and Nikki really gave him so much depth, both as a dad, and as a husband that was still living with survivor’s guilt. Sawyer is the first woman to draw him out of that lonely status, and she loves his kids as much as he does, which is just an added bonus.

Speaking of the children, both Hudson’s and Sawyers are truly adorable, especially the sweet girls who become best friends. There is something so endearing about innocent youth and how easily they give their love. If only adults could live their lives with such ease and without all the complications.

What Love Looks Like is the perfect novella to lose yourself in with the right amount of sweet, angst, and spice.



Since I lost my wife, my life has consisted of being a single dad to two crazy kids
and playing professional football, leaving me with no room for anything or anyone else.

Until the moment I met Sawyer.
Something about her feels right, and I know it’s more than just chemistry.
She’s a game changer. My second chance at love.

I want all of her days, her nights, and everything in between.
But our time together is limited, and come Saturday, she’s going to leave, taking my heart right along with her.


I wasn’t looking for love, but that didn’t stop it from finding me.
All it took was six days to fall head over heels for a complete stranger and his adorable children.

Nothing has ever felt so right.
But as a single mom, it’s not just about what I want.
We live over a thousand miles apart, and I know all too well that long-distance love always ends in heartache.

Hudson’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a man, and I know it would be easy to create a life with him and our kids. Which is why it’s going to be so hard to say goodbye.

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Sneak Peek for Josh and Gemma Make a Baby by Sarah Ready

They have nothing in common, except their agreement to make a baby and their desire to keep things businesslike.

Josh and Gemma Make a Baby, an all-new opposites attract, romantic comedy from Sarah Ready is coming January 25th, and we have your first look!

Chapter 1

When I was a little kid, I worshiped Josh Lewenthal, now, I couldn’t care less about him, I just need his sperm.

I’ll be the first to admit, I have no idea how to go about getting it, but as my obscenely sexy boss, famed self-help guru Ian Fortune, always says, “anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

That’s my motto for this year. Starting today, January first, I’m going to believe that anything is possible—that magic can happen. And after thirty-two years of being average in nearly every way, magic will be a welcome change.

Josh and I grew up in a small river town a few hours north of New York City. It’s the type of town that has a Christmas tree in the square, a pumpkin carving contest in the fall, and an ice cream social in the summer. The houses are cookie-cutter cute, the yards are golf course green, and everybody waves hello. It’s a kid-friendly, all-American paradise. My family fit right in.

Josh moved to town with his dad when he was eight. Within days my mom warned me to stay away from him.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because he’s not the sort of boy that nice girls play with.”

“Why?” I asked again. I was in that “why” phase that all kids go through.

“Because I said so.”


My mom was right. I was a nice girl. She dressed me in pink poufy dresses and pigtails to prove it. But instead of listening to my mom I snuck out of the house and went and found Josh Lewenthal. I guess there’s a lesson there. Even when I was little I couldn’t take “because I said so” as an answer.

I found Josh kicking a ball in his backyard. He told me the reason nice girls couldn’t play with him was because he knew how girls got babies in their bellies. To prove it, he smacked a kiss on my mouth. I was terrified for weeks that I was going to blow up like a balloon and pop out a baby. After a month I realized that Josh Lewenthal was full of crap and that my mom had been right.

But that didn’t stop me from idolizing him. My brother Dylan and Josh became best friends. And like little sisters around the world I wanted to do everything they did and be everywhere they were.

When I was sixteen my big sister Leah came home from college for Christmas break. Within days she told me to stop ogling Josh.

“Why?” I asked. I was still in the “why” phase.

“Because if he catches you looking he’ll steal your underwear.”

I didn’t know what she meant. “Why?”

“Because he collects underwear for a hobby and pins them on his bedroom wall. He has almost every girl’s undies in this whole town. He’ll tear them off you and then do things.”

Leah lowered her voice to a whisper. “Marie Johnson said his hands are like an octopus’s. Everywhere at once.”

I was appalled and then intrigued. But, “I don’t think he’ll want my underwear. Dylan is his best friend. Plus, I’m not really into that kind of thing.” You know, being a nice girl and all.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Leah, full of big sister knowledge. “He just has to look at you and you’ll rip your undies off for him. He’s that good. An octopus, Gemma. You better stop ogling him.”

I was skeptical, to say the least.

But six months later, while I was cleaning up my parents’ garage after Josh and Dylan’s joint high school graduation party, Josh told me he’d miss me while he was in New York for college. Then, lo and behold, he stole my panties. Metaphorically, of course.

For the second time in my life, I spent another few weeks terrified that I was going to blow up like a birthday balloon and pop out a baby.

After weeks of toe-numbing worry followed by my period and sweet sagging relief, I realized that Josh Lewenthal was not worth my fascination/worship/idolization, that he was in fact an immature/emotionally constipated user.

I didn’t see him again for six years.

By the time he came back to town I’d been married, divorced, and was long past mooning over fantasies.

I had an apartment in the city and my current (amazing) job, social media marketing coordinator for acclaimed self-help guru Ian Fortune. And I had goals. Lots of goals.

I mean…today I have goals.

Okay. A goal.

And Josh Lewenthal, the man who knows how to make a baby, is integral to my success.

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New Year’s Resolution:
Have a baby
Preferably with Josh Lewenthal

Meet Gemma Jacobs. She’s driven, energetic, and a positive thinker. She has a great career working for famed self-help guru Ian Fortune, she lives in a cute studio apartment in Manhattan, and her family is supportive and loving (albeit a little kooky). Her life is perfect. Absolutely wonderful.

Except for one tiny little thing.

After a decade of disastrous relationships and an infertility diagnosis, Gemma doesn’t want a Mr. Right (or even a Mr. Right Now), she just wants a baby.

And all she needs is an egg, some sperm, and IVF.

So Gemma makes a New Year’s resolution: have a baby.

Josh Lewenthal is a laid back, relaxed, find-the-humor-in-life kind of guy. The polar opposite of Gemma. He’s also her brother’s best friend. For the past twenty years Josh has attended every Jacobs’ family birthday, holiday, and event – he’s always around.

Gemma knows him. He’s nice (enough), he’s funny (-ish), he’s healthy (she thinks) and he didn’t burn any ants with a magnifying glass as a kid. Which, in Gemma’s mind, makes him the perfect option for a sperm donor.

So Gemma wants to make a deal. An unemotional, business-like arrangement. No commitments, just a baby.

To Gemma’s surprise, Josh agrees.

They have nothing in common, except their agreement to make a baby and their desire to keep things businesslike.

But the thing about baby-making…it’s hard to keep it businesslike, it’s nearly impossible to keep it unemotional, and it’s definitely impossible to keep your heart out of the mix. Because when you’re making a baby together, things have a way of starting to feel like you’re making other things too – like a life, and a family, and love. And when the baby-making ends, you wish that everything else didn’t have to end too.

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About Sarah Ready
Author Sarah Ready writes contemporary romance and romantic comedy. Her books have been described as “euphoric”, “heartwarming” and “laugh out loud”. Her debut novel The Fall in Love Checklist was hailed as “the unicorn read of 2020”. She loves to write fast-paced, emotionally compelling romances about quirky, smart women and the men who love them.

Before writing romance full-time Sarah had lots of fun teaching at an Ivy League. Then she realized she could have even more fun writing romance. Her favorite things after writing are adventuring and travel. You’ll frequently find her using her degree at a dino dig site, crawling into a cave, snorkeling, or on horseback riding through the jungle – all fodder for her next book. She’s lived in Scotland, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland and NYC. She currently lives in the Caribbean with her water-obsessed pup and her awesome family.
You can visit her online at

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New Release – Fired Up by K.K. Allen

Release Date: December 20

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Through smoke and fire, she’s all I see.
Nothing gives me a bigger rush than when I’m responding to an emergency call.
As a firefighter EMT, my mission has always been clear.
Until I arrive at the scene of an accident and a dark-haired vixen, quite literally, trips into my life.
I quickly learn there’s more to the gorgeous photographer than meets the eye.

Meadow Matthews isn’t a woman who needs saving, but she just might save me.
As a single mom to an adorable little boy, she leaves little time for play.
Which is why, when I approach her with a fun opportunity, she instantly declines.
Unfortunately, snapping photos of greased-up firefighters for a calendar isn’t her thing.

Lucky for us, she fires me up just enough to convince her otherwise.

Fired Up is a standalone single parent romance in the Bayside Heroes series!

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Meet K.K. Allen

K.K. Allen is the USA TODAY Bestselling and award-winning contemporary romance author of sweet, sexy, and inspiring stories that evoke emotion at every turn. 
K.K.’s debut romance novel, Up in the Treehouse, was named the Best New Adult Book of the Year by RT Book Reviews, an honor beyond belief. And she continues to take reader’s emotions on an epic ride every single time with real, layered, coming of age romance stories that will make you fall in love over and over again. 
Born in Hawaii, raised in Washington, and currently residing in Florida, K.K. lives for laughs with her little dude, the great outdoors, watching football, dancing the night away, and her eclectic taste in music. 
K.K. also loves connecting with her readers and attends signings when she can! You can find upcoming event dates and other information at:

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