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Review – Doctor Mistake by J. Saman

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Doctor Mistake; Boston’s Billionaire Bachelors #2 
(A standalone)

Publication Date: January 4, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Medical/Roommate/Best Friend’s Brother/Workplace Romance

Author: J. Saman

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



A lovely, but hard fought relationship with obstacle after obstacle thrown down in front of them, but their heat and fire burns them all down.

Carter Fritz and Grace Hammond’s lives are horribly intertwined. Carter is the attending where Grace is working as a third year resident. Grace has also grown up with the Fritz family and is the best friend to Carter’s younger brother, Oliver.  And when Grace’s life disintegrates right before her eyes, she ends up as Carter’s roommate while she sorts things out.

These two have a ton of heat, but taking things to the next level is complicated at best. While, Carter wants more from Grace, she’s not in the right point in her life professionally, emotionally or romantically to accept more from him. Things are complicated at best, but could they be a mistake?

Doctor Mistake contains a story about a family that may come from money, but decided to put medicine first. I loved being part of this family and jumping into this couples journey. Everything about this book was a brilliant surprise. Carter was one of those surprises that I thoroughly enjoyed. I wasn’t sure about him at first, but he was a lot more than I first expected.


He’s my best friend’s older brother. My boss. And now my new roommate…

In the hospital, death always comes in threes. Apparently, so do mistakes.
Mistake number one? My fiancé, who I just learned is cheating on me. So much for being the strong, in control doctor who’s always on top of her game…
Mistake number two? Knocking on the wrong door.
The door I thought still belonged to my best friend now belongs to his older brother, my obnoxious, overly cocky, gorgeous-as-sin attending physician, Carter Fritz.
The billionaire playboy gives me a place to stay, and a shoulder to cry on. But when he makes me feel seen for the first time in I don’t even know how long, I tell myself I don’t regret what was easily the hottest, most earth-shattering night of my life.
That is until mistake number three comes along… and I’m staring down at a stick with two pink lines.
Having a baby at this stage of my residency could cost me everything I’ve worked so hard to build. But Carter? He’s undeterred. He doesn’t just want more; he wants it ALL.
Including me.
But what happens if following my heart turns out to be my biggest mistake of all?

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