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Review – Suffer in Silence by Kelsey Clayton

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Suffer in Silence; Malvagio Duet #1 
(#1 within a duet)

Publication Date: January 7, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Duet/Dark/Mafia Romance

Author: Kelsey Clayton

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Wow! What. A. Twisted. Ride.

Dark, twisted, bloody, and raw. Do not expect the villian to soften and swoon for his mafia princess. When you pick up Suffer in Silence you are stepping into the underbelly of a merciless mafia world and they do not take prisoners to live out a cushy life long sentence. Clayton let all the monsters out to play and she held nothing back…but, is her Prada Princess ready to play?

Kage Malvagio is the current Don of the Italian mafia and there is a lot at work that leads him to Saxon Forbes’ door and more importantly as his captive.

There is a tangled web between these two, but this is just book one of a duet, so I’ll let you untangle those ropes to get to the heart of the story and enjoy the twisted darkness for yourself.


Monsters don’t hide in dark alleys.
They lurk in plain sight, clawing into your soul with cordial smiles.
They wear Armani, they drive Cadillacs, they attend fundraising balls…
And they rule the city with a merciless fist.

The Familia is a mystery to most,
and sitting on its throne is Kage Malvagio.

Painstakingly beautiful.

Some say: Ask for forgiveness, never permission.
Kage asks for neither.
Especially when he gets his hands on me.

I should hate him.
I should run at the first chance I get.
But how could the devil be so bad when he looks at me like that?

Coming January 7th


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