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Review – Beautiful Nightmare by Giana Darling

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Beautiful Nightmare; Dark Dreams #2 
(#2 within a duet)

Publication Date: January 13, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Duet/Forbidden/Antihero/Dark Romance

Author: Giana Darling

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



This is the continuation of this dark duet…Tiernan and Bianca pick up right where they left off. Bianca is now staying at the Constantine Compound and Tiernan is standing up against his tyrannical father.

With book two there is more tension between these two powerhouse families and Tiernan and Bianca bring a lot more passion, along with all the feels.

Tiernan isn’t about to stand down in the face of either his long suffering Morelli family nor will he let the Constantine’s stand in his way of getting Bianca back into his life. He’s been on his own when it comes to familial support for as long as he can remember. So much so, that he’s made his own circle with The Gentlemen who are closer than those whom he shares blood with. However, will he turn down a helping hand when those blood brothers come knocking at his door, especially when he could use every gun and fist to get his precious Biana back by his side. How deep does pride run when it comes to love? I love revisiting the Morelli’s, they are dark, dangerous, and the very definition of an antihero.

All Bianca has ever wanted is to fit in and be loved. To really truly have someone fight for her. It becomes very clear once she’s inside the Constantine household that she doesn’t fit in to Caroline’s uppercrust image of what a Constantine is, but there might also be something more at play. While on the outside this is a place that Bianca’s always dreamed of belonging, she now only dreams of returning to Tiernan’s side. A beautiful nightmare is what she had while living under his roof and she misses her brother, Brando, terribly, not to mention The Gentleman and their growly leader, Tiernan as well.

While Tiernan and Bianca may ignite everytime they see each other, Tiernan is smart enough to know he can’t just pull Bianca out of where she’s at. Knowing it’s something she’s wanted her entire life, she has to return to him willingly or else she will never be happy by his side, but the big question that haunts him is will she truly be happy by his side? Now that he knows what he wants, which is her, he will do anything to make it happen. Even become the man he never knew he could be.

I wept so many times…Brando made me a mushy, cry baby over and over. That sweet, little boy wrapped every single adult around his finger and I was one of them I wholeheartedly admit. I almost can’t wait to see what he does as an adult, but for now in his adorable cute boy phase, he made my heart weep.

Beautiful Nightmare was everything that a second half of a duet needs. It wrapped up all ends and was a great fit within the Dark Dynasty world.


Bianca has finally found her rightful place amid the powerful Constantines. But all is not what it seems in this glittering new world. And Tiernan Morelli refuses to give her up…

BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE is the final book in the Dark Dream duet by USA Today bestselling author Giana Darling.

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