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Review – The Joker by Ashley Munoz

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The Joker; Rake Forge University #3
(An interconnected standalone within a series)

Publication Date: January 28, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Friends-Enemies-Lovers/New Adult/Mafia Romance

Author: Ashley Munoz

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



A wonderful way to close out this series. The Joker combines suspense, heat, and family.

This book is super steamy! Kyle and Rylie have been best friends since kindergarten, each others ride or die. Their chemistry is off the charts and it shows whether they are between the sheets or seething through their toxic hate.

How do two people who are best friends get to a point of toxicity? After a beautiful night where Rylie and Kyle share their V cards with each other, Kyle disappears. He ghosts her for three years and Rylie breaks. Each year turning darker until she’s a different version of who he left behind.

Kyle didn’t just leave to go vacationing and have fun. He also is a different man than who he once was. He’s covered in secrets along with tattoos and new muscles. His outside may look totally different, but his inside still craves the one girl who has always been his everything.

Can these two reconnect after years apart and broken trust?

The Joker is a great interconnected book bringing all of the characters from the past two books together. However, you can also read this book as a complete standalone as well.


Kyle James cashed in my V card and then disappeared like I was the finishing act in a magic show.
I vowed to hate my best friend, turn the longing and secret obsession with him into toxic hate and maybe a poorly chosen tattoo.
But as the years passed, I let go of any notions I’d ever see him again…until he sauntered on campus my senior year as a new transfer student.
All of Rake Forge was obsessed with his inked skin and that darkness that seemed to seep out of every methodical step he took.
I wasn’t. I knew the boy underneath, and while I wanted to know where he’d been…I would never ask.
Until my dad needed a favor. His team required a way in with my ex-best friend, and his contacts.
I knew Kyle would see through it…but I went anyway.
Suddenly, my world, made of black and white was bleeding color…and he was at the center, daring me to trust him.
My heart, blind and foolish chose to not only trust but to love him too.
I really should have known better.
I was merely a way in for my father, and for the man, I loved…I was just a way out.

*This is the final book in the Rake Forge Series*

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