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Review – Controlled Burn by Marie James

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Controlled Burn; Blackbridge Security #8 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: February 3, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Single Parent/Close Proximity/Contemporary/Suspense Romance

Author: Marie James

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Super cute, close proximity, single mom romance. Every few books Marie James writes a story that contains adorable children and this happens to be one of them. Actually this book contains three super cute kids and it only enhanced the story making it that much better. I loved the kids and I loved the Irish man and I just loved this book!

Kendall is a single mom, trying her best to raise her three small kids on her own, but after losing her home, she had to move in with her brother. When the neighbor complained about the noise, they were suddenly served with their second eviction notice and Kendall didn’t know what to do. They didn’t have any family left and she was soon going to be homeless. She thought about apologizing to the neighbor, but since they were already being evicted, that thought went right out the door, so instead Kendall went with giving him a piece of her mind…especially since he’d been flirting with her for weeks.

Finnegan seriously had no idea that the woman he’d been flirting with in the apartment building gym was the same woman who lived on his floor and was responsible for all the recent noise. He might have reconsidered making the complaint, or reconsidered flirting, he wasn’t exactly sure, but either way he felt bad. He felt so bad that he made an offer for her to move in with him since she had nowhere else to go. The fact that she came with baggage….um….He was only half serious about the offer, so he shouldn’t have been surprised when she took him up on it. He really liked her, her kids…um….how long were they staying again?

This story is all kinds of adorable, with a bit of intrigue mixed in. After all this is a Blackbridge Security novel. Of course there are character favorites who make appearances, my personal favorites are Wren and Whitney who add some extra spice, and extra, extra spice…Puff Daddy gets a girlfriend. It’s hilarious.

While Finn hangs out with some of the single guys (there don’t seem like there are too many of those left) there are a few hints of what’s to come and there are brief catch ups for fans of past characters. I love both of these scenarios sooooo much and Marie James did the perfect amount of each while keeping the plot moving right along.

Kendall’s kiddos had the perfect blend of sassy and cuteness without being terrors or taking away from the time that Finn and Kendall needed to get to know one another. Could we be seeing more Blackbridge children in the future? If Wren has his way…yes. LOL!


As the mechanic for Blackbridge Security, when I make a mistake things don’t work properly.
Correcting that mistake is the only way to get things operational.
I meet issues in my personal life with the same mindset.
How was I to know the woman I’ve been flirting with at the gym is the same woman I called a noise complaint on?
I got her kicked out of her condo.
My first response: Move in with me.
When she confessed to having three kids, it was too late to back down.
I thought keeping my hands off of her was going to be a problem, but the tiny terrors she brought along with her are extremely effective at solving that problem for me.

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