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Review – Grudge by Coralee June

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Grudge; Malice Mafia Trilogy #3 
(#3 within a series)

Publication Date: January 31, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Trilogy/Mafia/Dark/Reverse Harem/Antihero Romance

Author: Coralee June

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Coralee June has created a wicked, dark trilogy legacy with Malice, Wrath, and Grudge. I could live in this world and never tire of reading about the Civella family ever!

Each character has changed since the beginning of this wild journey and yet the underlying dark monster that lives right underneath their skin still radiates like a beacon and swirled right off the page drawing readers, like myself, to devour page after page. Coralee’s writing is truly addicting and this story, especially, is pure perfection.

Anthony Civella is still my favorite character in this series. His madness is wrapped up in comedic genius and softer undertones. His underbelly has been on display since the beginning, making him the vulnerable, but also the most volatile never knowing how loose his cannon actually is. This time around he is Juliet’s most stable partner. I know right!! My love for Anthony grew even more, by leaps and bounds, everytime he came on the page. He’s her rock when things get tough, giving her a laugh when she needs it, a kind word, a push, or even darkness when the moment warrants it. He understands her vulnerabilities, he’s been where she’s at and he will always fall with her or rise to where she’s at to be right by her side. Anthony may always be a little mad, but the best people know they are and know how to deal with their madness. Lord, I love that man.

Juliet and Nick, or Malice as a lot of people know him, could have been the king and queen, but Nick realized he didn’t need an entire kingdom to still have his queen by his side. Nick just needed Juliet to be happy. At the end of Wrath, he faced his own mortality, and now he’s facing his own mistakes. There are consequences for a lot of what he’d done and Nick is dealing…almost losing everything has changed a lot in Nick’s life. He’s grown a lot from the first book from the empty shell of Malice, into Nick the man. He’s still possessive and dark and completely alpha, which is super hot…but he’s also a softer Nick which is also super hot!! I love this new version of Nick.

Then we get to William, the man with a grudge. The boy who grew up in the shadow of his older brother, yet also protecting his younger one. Never feeling quite adequate, William now wants it all. The kingdom, Juliet, everything. Can William finally pull out from the shadow of his brother and run things his way or will this motive finally destroy the foundation of everything he’s ever believed? Will every move he makes break Juliet’s heart and destroy his family?  William, William, William…come on work with your brothers!!

Grudge holds more steam, more tears, more story, just more, more, more. While I can admit it wraps up a fantastic trilogy. I’m also sad that it wraps up a fantastic trilogy because like I stated at the beginning, I could live here forever.


Malice was a broken man. A leader with a cracked crown.

Guilt was eroding his throne.

William was an opportunist. A man with a grudge.

Ambition dressed in an iron suit.

Anthony was a survivor. A lover with hope.

Healing wrapped in good intentions.

I’m a pawn, and it’s up to me to remind these men that they’re stronger together.

I just pray that this fight for power won’t tear us all apart.

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