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Review – The Final Play by Amie Knight


The Final Play; Summerville Sports #3 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: February 3, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Romantic Comedy/Forbidden/Sports Romance

Author: Amie Knight

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



ALL THE FEELS!!!! Laughter, tears, major heartstrings being pulled, The Final Play has it all!

Amie Knight made my heart race from the very beginning of this book while I was blinking back tears. Then it wasn’t long until I was laughing maniacally from one chapter to the next. Amie brought out all my feelings while reading the journey of Mason, Glory and even Max through this final book in the Summerville series.

Mason and Max are identical twins, but like a lot of siblings, they are complete opposites in personality. Mason is an NFL linebacker whereas Max is just beginning a two year stint in jail. It truly pains Mason that Max is taking such a hard road though his life. Mason is a protector, a nurturer and has sort of a hero complex by nature. So when a tiny little tornado lands on his doorstep claiming to be pregnant with Max’s baby, Mason’s inner instinct takes over.

Glory is tiny, but mighty in spirit. She has no family, no job and it took her months to try and track down any information on the man who left her with the present from a weekend of fun. Asking Max’s brother for help was her last hope, but she never expected to find more when she landed on his doorstep. Friends, family, and a purpose for after the baby is born.

Glory and Mason’s story is full of every emotion that overflowed and spilled out of my heart. It’s such a wonderful look at family, whether it’s the one you are related to or the one you create through life’s experiences.

It’s almost hard to describe how great this book is, but it truly touched my heart. Yes, it was full of a ton of laughter, which I love, but the emotional depth of this book is what will stay with me for a long time to come.


The Final Play isn’t always the end. Sometimes, it’s the beginning of something far more beautiful.
As a professional linebacker, I lived and breathed football.
The only thing I loved as much as the game was my twin brother, Max, who kept me almost as busy cleaning up his messes.
The most recent of which landed him behind bars.
So, it shouldn’t have surprised me when a beautiful woman showed up on my doorstep, claiming to be pregnant with Max’s baby.
Glory was unexpected, infuriating, and flat-out crazy most of the time.
But no matter how hard I tried to deny it, that tiny spitfire slammed into my boring life with the strength of a Category 5 hurricane, blowing through my defenses until she’d carved her name in my heart—permanently.
I feared we would never work. She was a single mom, my brother’s ex, and one more chance for me to fail yet another person I loved.
But if football was my church, then Glory was my heaven.

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