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Review – A Very Vegas St. Patrick’s Day by Kayley Loring and Connor Crais

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A Very Vegas St. Patrick’s Day; Very Holiday #3 
(An interconnected standalone)

Publication Date: February 17, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Single Mom/Romantic Comedy/Holiday Romance/Vegas Wedding

Author: Kayley Loring and Connor Crais

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Hot, steamy, and with a double shot of extra hot chemistry tossed in – Holy Smokes!!! A Very Vegas St. Patrick’s Day is my new favorite writing duo Loring-Crais book!!

The best thing about this book – Nolan, or more appropriately termed Yeslan…since Cora can never tell him no, is yummy, yummy, yummy!

Everything about this book is excellent. I loved the quick witted banter, the accent – yes, it’s totally there while reading – and all the hotness overload. This couple is fire, steam, smoke and blazing heat all rolled into one!

Then…oh yes, there’s more….Cora has a ten year old son, Ashton, who is a little devil himself, who gives Nolan a run for his money.

So let’s recap; hotness, banter, sexy accent, and adorableness. Like I said, this book has it all, LOL!

Okay, all jesting aside, this story is fun, hot, romantic, and full of family hijinx. It truly is a fantastic romantic comedy, with all the heat, plus we get a less talked about holiday in the romance genre, St. Patrick’s Day, it’s completely adorable.

Also, I have to mention this book is full of Irish limericks and blessings, be still my heart. Since my father passed I’ve missed this part of my life more than I realized and reading them here brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you for the beautiful memories.

The entire book is so well written, I could gush for hours, seriously. I loved the entire thing. Loring and Crais is fast becoming my favorite writing duo. I can’t get enough!


You might think the problem would be waking up in Vegas, hungover,
next to a beautiful woman who’s wearing your boxer briefs
and finding out ya married her in the middle of an epic drunken night of festivities.
But you’d be wrong.
I, Nolan Cassidy, international charmer and maker of mischief have fallen head over heels for Cora Delaney.
I want to be married to the lass.
So you might think the problem would be that she wants an annulment.
But again you’d be wrong—stop getting it so wrong.
I, Nolan Cassidy, with my devil tongue and Irish accent, will no doubt change her mind.
Does the problem lie in that she has a son who doesn’t like me and is as clever and crafty as I?
Or that I’ve only got one month—until St. Patrick’s Day—to prove to my one true love
that I can be a good husband and father?
C’mere and I’ll tell ya…
None of that is the problem.
I’m a problem.
My boxing days may be behind me
but the fight never left me.
When I see something I want, I get it.
And nothing is going to stand in my way.
Not my new wife’s hesitation nor her son’s doubts.
So buckle up, strap in.
Because I’m no longer in the business of wanting.
I’m in the business of having.
Which is gonna make for one wild Paddy’s Day.

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