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Review – Always Meant to Be by Siobhan Davis

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Always Meant to Be 
(A standalone)

Publication Date: February 28, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Reverse Age Gap/Taboo/with Dark themes Romance

Author: Siobhan Davis

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Deep, touching read that falls into the forbidden, but with a lot of emotional ups and downs. A truly unique story about finding your soulmate and the struggles around being with the other half of your soul.

Kendall is a hard working mother of three children. Like so many of us, myself included, Kendall works a full time job and is also a full time mother, housekeeper, chef, etc…, making sure her children lack for nothing, but that usually means her husband only gets what’s left, which isn’t much. I am in no way saying this is the cause of her crumbled marriage, I am not giving away the tidbits on that part of the story. However, while Kendall wouldn’t say her husband is a bad father, per say, he isn’t exactly a great husband or helper when she needs it.  Again, I can understand the struggles of working all day, taking the children to their after school activities, and then coming home to cook dinner, help with homework, and put the children to bed. Being a mother is exhausting.

When Kendall finally realizes what is happening in her married life, she also opens her eyes to a connection that she’s felt with her son’s best friend, Vander. There are multiple reasons why she’s avoided the pull to the eighteen year old in the first place, but once she’s stopped fighting she falls into a deep emotional connection that has been there for multiple lifetimes.

I completely empathized with Kendall and her feelings of helplessness, self doubt, guilt, never living up to the perfect ideal, feeling backhanded by life etc… It’s a constant struggle and balancing act of feeling good enough and enjoying her time with Vander while reminding herself that this was her second chance at happiness. These two are intense…wowza!

Vander made my heart race every time he was on the page, but not for the reasons you would think. Yes, he’s attractive and fully in love with Kendall from the very beginning. He’s wise WAY beyond his young years, but it was his intense connection that he believed in from the beginning and never gave up on. His strong belief in those he cares about was just as attractive as his outside appearance.

Always Meant To Be is a truly unique read full of all the emotions and second chances. Siobhan has given us a story unlike anything she’s written before and I loved the deep connection I felt with the characters, along with the beauty of soulmate love.


An emotional and angst-filled stand-alone taboo reverse age-gap romance.

He’s my eighteen-year-old son’s best friend, and I’m old enough to know better.

My marriage is falling apart, and Vander’s home life is tragic.

Yet, his broken parts speak to mine, and amid all the chaos, a true connection is formed.

The only peace I find is in those stolen moments when we share our darkest secrets and our deepest desires.

This thing between us has disaster written all over it.

But I’m powerless to resist the magnetic pull that draws us closer and closer.

Until lines are crossed, boundaries are broken, and everything I thought I knew about myself is undone.

This reverse age-gap romance contains mature scenes, dark themes, and situations that may push your boundaries. Reader caution is advised. 

Reverse age-gap
Son’s Best Friend
Friends to Lovers
Second Chance

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