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Review – Wicked As Seduction by Shayla Black

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Wicked as Seduction; Trees and Laila #1, Wicked and Devoted #5
(#1within a duet, #5 within a series)

Publication Date: March 15, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Duet/Security/Suspense/opposites attract Romance

Author: Shayla Black

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



More puzzle pieces fit together in this intricate and seductive storyline. I’m hooked, I’m addicted, and I’m totally whipped into submission by Shayla Black, please keep giving me more of this EM Security team.

From book one we’ve been given bits and pieces of this continual storyline along with each of the players in this Wicked and Devoted world. Trees and Laila have been wrapped up in the overall plot from the very beginning and we finally get their intimate story and how each of their roles in the plot plays out.

I love how Shayla has written the overall story arc for this entire series. Each duet in this world winds around the overall plot and yet, intersects with each other at different time lines. So while they also have their own individual stories that play out, they also line up according to past timelines, making me remember, oh yeah, that already happened but to another character and now we have a different POV. I love those moments!

Laila was the girl One-Mile helped rescue when he was held in captivity. She’s had a rough life to put it mildly. What she’s suffered at the hands of her tormentors is something none of us could even dream of, but Laila’s spirit, pride, and gumption is also something to be admired. Her captors never broke her of her inner fire. While her pride can sometimes be a bit much, it is also commendable in the eyes of those around her, especially a man like Trees.

Trees is attracted to Laila pretty much upon sight. While he does have a type, small and petite, what he comes to appreciate more is her fiery spirit and love she has for her family too. Trees is the tech guru for EM Security and while he’s not typically a bodyguard, it’s also not completely out of his wheelhouse either. Guarding Laila is probably the hardest job he’s ever had, and hard is the optimal word. He can’t seem to control his body’s reaction around her, which is inconvenient at best. He knows what she’s been through and with his shere size alone he doesn’t want to scare her. Laila’s feistiness and determination to save her family may just kill him if the cartel doesn’t do it first.

I loved reading this story about a woman who has suffered so much, but finally learns to feel comfortable in a place where she could learn to trust in someone again. It isn’t easy when you’ve lost all hope in humanity, but Trees is the perfect man to help restore that kind of faith. His gooey center is also filled with a ton of patience and gentle understanding that not a lot of people have. He’s a rare gem of a man and I loved everything about him.

I loved everything about this first book of the duet. It’s action filled, totally non-stop from start to finish, and filled with a ton of chemistry, which was also uniquely amazing considering where Laila came from. Shayla did a fantastic job of handling her past and moving forward with her future. I’m excited to finish their story and see what’s next.

He’ll protect her…even if he has to take her captive to save her.

Tech wiz and former elite soldier Forest “Trees” Scott had one mission: Rescue the woman being hunted by a vicious cartel and get her to safety. It should have been simple…but the minute he sees the wary beauty with haunted eyes, his desire for her complicates everything. So does her stubborn refusal to trust him. When Trees is forced to abduct her, she vows to hate him—even as he finds himself falling in love…

For six years, Laila Torres has known nothing but brutality at the hands of men, so when the massive stranger with the forbidding mien kidnaps her, she’s frightened—and furious. But the giant’s protective care shocks her. With every word, he proves steadfast. With every forbidden touch, he awakens the woman in her. Soon, she’s facing the terrifying realization that he’s also dangerously close to capturing her heart.

But their ruthless enemies are closing in, threatening everything Laila holds dear. When she’s forced to make an unthinkable sacrifice, will she trust Trees and their love to save her?

Wicked as Seduction by Shayla Black, coming March 15th!

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