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Review – The Savage by Sophie Lark

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The Savage; Kingmakers #5 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: March 16, 2022

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Dark/Mafia Romance

Author: Sophie Lark

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Sabrina Gallo and Adrick Petrov are pure fire with shots of adrenaline. This is the hottest book I’ve ever read with the steamiest beginning to a new couple hands down!!

The Savage was more than I was expecting, but then again, this entire Kingmakers series has topped and blown away previous expectations with each new book, so I shouldn’t have been shocked at how amazing this story was.

This book was steamy hot, yes, but it also went well beyond the flaming hot passion that incinerated between Adrick and Sabrina. The storyline once again interconnected several families, but this time beyond the walls of school.

If Kingmakers is what teaches the students to be prepared for real life in the mafia, then Adrick and his wolfpack are putting those studies to practical use. The last person Adrick wants to round out his new organization is Sabrina and is want for her is in every single way. Her mind, her passion, her need to push for more, along with her crazy curves. Adrick wants every single thing, but Sabrina never knows when to stop, she’s untamable and together these two burn at both ends, but they could scorch one another before they reach the end goal.

Sabrina is wicked smart, but also a wild card. Her youth, energy, and brilliance make her someone you want to be close to, but in the end you tend to get burned when standing too close. Adrick sees her potential and isn’t afraid of the flame she radiates. His desire to actually get scorched in her presence is like catnip to her and the fact that he appreciates more than just her pretty face is both catnip and a treat all rolled into one. Together these two could achieve greatness or they could burn one another to a crisp. Only time will tell.

The Savage was fascinating, a non-stop read with lots of moving parts, tons of passion, and an overall great story to add to this fantastic series. I loved that Sophie added it and really grateful she did.


How Do You Tame A Savage?

Sabrina Gallo is an animal.

From the moment I laid eyes on her, I had to have her.

But Sabrina won’t be taken by anyone. She’s wild and reckless – downright dangerous.

Lucky for me, I’ve always loved a challenge… I want to hunt.

Even if I capture her, caging a tiger doesn’t mean it’s tamed.

The harder she fights, the more ruthless I become.

She needs to learn how savage I can be.

The Lark Notes:>/b>
You asked for it, you got it! I’ve never received more requests for a book. This is for all my rowdy Love Larks, because you deserve it. Sabrina Gallo and Adrik Petrov are fire and fire. Their relationship is an inferno that could burn the world down. — Sophie

“The Savage” is a standalone story in the Kingmakers universe. It’s a dark mafia romance, lovers to enemies to lovers again. Reader prepare yourself: the steam is off the charts, including FF and FFM scenes.

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