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Review – Broken Heir by Alison Aimes

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Broken Heir; Ruthless Warlords #3
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: March 24, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Dark Mafia/Omegaverse/Sci-Fi Romance

Author: Alison Aimes

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Delicious Alphaverse action from start to finish!

Alexi Skolov is on a mission. He’s been tasked to find his missing brother and he’s currently in the desolate region of Sartin. A burnt out terrain where the sun will scorch you if you are caught out in the sun’s rays. This world isn’t for the meek and it breaks Alexis’ heart knowing his lost brother could have ended up here when he was kidnapped almost sixteen years ago. To even enter this dark world, terms had to be met, Alexi has been promised to one of the omega’s. So while he was originally hoping to only leave with his brother, he’ll also be leaving with a mate. That was a term he never saw for himself, especially considering his condition.

Keira Sartin has been put down and told she’s worthless most of her life. While she realizes that omegas serve their purpose, she realizes that her lack of gift and ability to produce an heir makes her less than other omegas. However, she’s never let it get in the way of helping others. She uses her intellect and kindness to help the underground movement and helps omegas escape the abuse and omega trading right from under her uncle’s nose. While he believes she’s worthless and unnoticeable, she uses that fact against him at every turn.

Alexi and Keira may have never met under normal circumstances, but fate has a way of working out. These two souls have felt broken and worthless their entire lives, that is until they meet and realize that together they are worthy. Together they can achieve anything. Together they can see each other’s potential, which truly strengthens their inner qualities. Qualities that they used to believe were weaknesses. Their story is full of passion, but more than that it’s one of building self esteem, inner beauty from believing in yourself, and loving yourself so you can love someone else.

There were moments where their brokenness is emotional, but the strength they draw from one another is so beautiful I couldn’t help but feel their love pour off the page and don’t get me startled on their passion. Whew! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Also, Keira’s cousin, Maddox, is an amazing secondary character, but that’s all I’m saying about him for now.

I love this entire omegaverse world, but Alexi and Keira may be my favorite couple yet.


What is the one thing a sinner can’t allow?
But Keira Sartin is all that and more.
A walking, talking dream. She calls to every cell in Alexi’s messed-up, rule-breaking soul.

Except she’s forbidden.
A distraction he can’t afford.

Not when his family is depending on him and redemption is within reach.
Not when his mission hinges on making no waves and fulfilling his duty.
Not when she’s the sister of his bride-to-be.

What’s the one thing a troublemaker can’t afford?
More trouble.
But Alexi Skolov is all that and more.

He’s beauty incarnate.
Flesh and blood sin.
Wild nights and dark pleasure.

He’s also up to no good. Which means he’s not for her.
She has her own objective to fulfill and he’ll only get in the way.
He’s also promised to her sister.

It should be easy for them both: just stay away.
But running from temptation is hard. Avoiding trouble even harder—and sometimes it catches up to you, leaving you…

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