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Review – Death Wish by K. Webster

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Death Wish; Deception Duet #2 
(#2 within a duet)

Publication Date: March 29, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Duet/Reverse Harem/Antihero/New Adult/Dark Romance

Author: K. Webster

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Who could have guessed that Scout would have topped my favorite between the terror triplets? I’m shocked myself, but when it comes to Webster’s writing it really shouldn’t surprise me. She continually writes the most terrifying psychos who are cuddly and loveable, for the right woman. I cannot get enough of K. Webster and her dark romances.

Death Wish picks up right where we left Landry discovering out that the man she was falling in love with is actually three separate individuals; Scout, Sparrow, and Sully. While it does help explain the personality changes she saw in him, she’s now even more confused by their duplicity and lies.

Landry ran with younger sister, Della, escaping years of abuse, thinking she was running to a friend’s home, instead she ended up at the triplet’s apartment. Now that she’s within their realm, they all agree, for once, that she’s never leaving their arms again. The tougher part is actually winning her back now that she knows they’ve been playing her, but if the triplets know her like like it was their job to do, then winning her over shouldn’t take long.

Their villainous charm weaves around Landry. How could it not? Each of these men have their own dashingly, wicked way to win her over and I’m dying to be in her shoes. Even Della would rather stay with them and her views on each triplet is funny, just as they care for her in theirs.

The second half of this duet is steamy. Webster kind of steamy which means there is always great emotion tied right up with all that delicious heat. Landry also finds her inner fierceness which is perfect for being with the Mannford triplets. They could never be with a demure princess and she needs a strong backbone to be by their side.

I hated seeing this story end and seriously, I never thought these three were redeemable, but why do I keep doubting anything Webster writes. She’s the queen of dark psychos and the terror triplets were brilliant anti-heros.


All I wanted is for my little sister Della to be safe and happy. And maybe, in brief stolen moments, I dreamed of a happy ending for myself with a brown-eyed man. That hope has turned into sharp, bright fear. There’s only survival now.

I’m the daughter of a controlling and cruel billionaire, so I understand about power. But I find myself fighting anyway. I find myself testing them.

I have claws and I bite. I’m not going down without a fight.

It’s like I have a death wish.

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