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Review – A Vow of Ruin by Sherilee Gray

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A Vow of Ruin; The Thornheart Trials #2 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: March 29, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Shifter/Paranormal/Epic Romance

Author: Sherilee Gray

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



An epic romance that brings adventure, mystery, passion, and two unlikely mates together with explosive heat.

Iris Thornheart is a witch and every time Draven Moreau is in her vicinity she can feel the hate rolling off of him. She doesn’t know what she personally did to offend him, but his animosity game is strong. Even as she tells him to stay away, his stalker game is also strong. Every time she turns around there he is, but overtime she doesn’t seem to mind, especially as he seems to be there at the right time when she needs help.

Draven doesn’t enjoy the overwhelming pull to the coven witch. He’d basically do anything not to feel the burning desire for her, but he can’t seem to stay away. Iris reminds him of a woman he hates and letting that anger go, an anger that has been boiling for centuries won’t disappear overnight, no matter what the attraction to Iris is.

Iris and Draven’s chemistry is off the charts and their back and forth is a great build up for this enemies to lovers story. Where a mating instinct is strong in wolves, hence Draven’s stalkerish ways, Iris isn’t quite on board to be mated to the man who doesn’t like her. After her last relationship went south she doesn’t want to be mated to anyone period.

These two mates are destined by the fates, but can they work when love isn’t involved? I loved this premise where two people didn’t just fall for one other over the heat of mating, but fought it every step of the way with the logic of their burned pasts. It built lots of angst and chemistry between them and really built the story.

Aside from just their budding romance, Iris has a mystery to unravel, a task to complete within her coven to keep them safe and add in her mate problems, Iris feels like the world is upon her shoulders.

This is a fantastic epic read and while I haven’t read the other books in this series, I’m highly intrigued to jump into them and continue with the Thornheart series as it unfolds.



It’s the scars you can’t see…

After my last boyfriend tried to kill me, I swore off relationships for life. So why can’t I stop thinking about the dangerous—and completely unstable—alpha of the new wolf pack in town?

Thankfully, my heart isn’t in any danger, because Draven Moreau hates me with a fiery passion.

But when witches start disappearing and the fate of our coven’s magic falls to me, I desperately need his help. Only he doesn’t want anything to do with me…until he does. With a hidden enemy drawing me into their sick and twisted game, Draven suddenly wants me close, whether I like it or not.

As darkness closes in and the horrors of the past are repeated, I’ll have to fight for my life—and a love I’d never dared to hope for.

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