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Review – Cease Fire by Marie James

Cease Fire; Blackbridge Security #9 
(An interconnected standalone within a series)

Publication Date: April 7, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Contemporary/Intrigue Romance

Author: Marie James

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Blackbridge is back and Kit Riggs is dreamy and steamy.

Kit has had a crush on Jules for most of his life. Everyone in his orbit knows about it, especially the woman herself and as much as Kit has fantasized about Jules and wishing for a future with her, everything comes crashing down after a weekend spent with her.

My heart wept for Kit through this entire book. Here is a guy who has always dreamed of having a family and taking care of a wife, specifically with Jules in that role, and she tramples all over his heart and dreams repeatedly. Kit is the ideal man, he’s loving, tender, but also a total freak in the sheets and Jules didn’t appreciate him at all.

Over and over again Jules showed an ugly, manipulative side which did not give way to any sympathy from me, which constantly had me wondering what exactly Kit saw in her. While there were brief flashbacks to when Kit and Jules were younger it still didn’t paint her in a better light, so I was left wondering at what point Kit fell irrealicogibly in love with her.

On a side note; while this story is taking place, Brooks gets sucked into Jules manipulative scheme, and I feel horrible for him on every level, but it does give a peek into his storyline, which I’m terribly excited for.

Along those lines, I do love the brotherhood that continues to take place between Kit and all the Blackbridge men. I’ve always loved how all of these men look after each other and work together. My favorite will continue to always be Wren, well him and his foul-mouthed bird, Puff Daddy. Wren’s meddling and no-filter ways, along with the adoration he has for his girlfriend, Whitney, is truly heart melting, honestly, it’s how all of the Blackbridge men are.

While Jules might not be my favorite heroine of all the women in this series, I adored Kit. He’s pretty much the perfect man, inside and out, which makes my dislike for Jules not appreciating him even more, but….this book is totally worth it for Kit alone. A 4.5 star read.


Making something off-limits will always make that thing more appealing.

Jules Warren, my sister’s best friend, was no different.

She has been the leading lady in every fantasy I’ve had since I was a teenager.

There was no way I was turning her down when she invited me to her room.

Those fantasies? They had nothing on the real thing.

I was given the weekend to make my dreams come true.

The ramifications, however, will last a lifetime.

Keeping a secret is one thing.

Living with the lies is impossible.

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